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70. They said call upon Your Master to make it clear for us what it is certainly cows all look the same to us and we, if Allah wills, are certainly committed to guidance.

71. He said it is a cow that is not yet domesticated by tilling the land and it doesn't water the crop it is well built and kept undamaged it is been taken very well care of and it has no blemish in it they said Now! you have come with the truth, so they slaughtered it and they were hesitant in doing it.

72. And when you had killed the person you were blaming each other in that person's matter while Allah brought out whatever you were hiding.

73. Then We said strike him with some of it that is how Allah gives life to the dead and He shows you His miraculous signs so that you may show restraint.

74. Then your hearts became hard even after that being like stones or even harder and ruthless severe in their hardness and certainly out of stones there really are the type from which rivers gush out and certainly from among them there really are the type that cracks open violently and even from it water comes out and even out of them there really are the type that fall from the fear of Allah and Allah is not at all unaware of what you do.

75. You guys really hope that they will accept what you are saying and a group that broke off from among them used to listen to the speech of Allah so they changed the wordings of it even after they understood it really well.

76. And when they meet those who believe they say we believe but when some of them are alone heading towards each other they say are you going to tell them about the insights Allah has given you so they can make a case against you before your Master for sure why don't you understand?