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84. And when We took a strong binding agreement with you you are not going to be shedding your own blood and you won't be expelling your ownselves from your own homes as all of you were all witness.

85. Then you are the very same who are still killing yourselves and expelling a faction among you from your homes cooperating against them in sin and aggression And if they come to you as captives you would exchange them in ransom and it was thoroughly forbidden for you to expel them in the first place do you then believe in some parts of the book and disbelieve in other parts of the book so what is the compensation for whoever does that among you except disgrace and humiliation in worldly life and on the day of resurrection they are all turned back, rejected, and Allah is not unaware at all of what you do.

86. These are the people that have purchased worldly life in exchange for the afterlife so the punishment will not be lightened for them and they are not the ones who will be aided.

87. And We certainly did give Musa the book and We strenthened his legacy much after him with Messengers and We gave Isa the son of Maryam clear self evident proofs and We empowered and aided him with the holy spirit (Jibreel) then every single Messenger that came to you with what your inner selves did not desire wasn't it the case that you became arrogant therefore a great group you considered liars and a group you killed.

88. And they say our hearts are wrapped up instead Allah has cursed them how little their faith is and how incredibly few they actually believe.