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89. And when a book expecially from Allah confirming what is with them eventually came to them they used to taunt the disbelievers about a coming victory not too long ago...Then what they recognized well came to them finally they disbelieved in it themselves then Allah's curse falls upon the disbelievers.

90. How terrible is what they sold themselves for they would disbelieve in what Allah sent down out of rebellion and an uprising on the account of the fact that Allah would send down from His own favor upon whoever He wants from among His slaves they drew upon themselves rage on top of rage and disbelievers have a humiliating punishment.

91. And when it is said to them believe in what Allah has revealed they say we are pretty responsible with what we were given we already have obligations to it no thank you and they disbelieve in what is behind and it is the truth confirming that which is already with them Say why did you kill the prophets of Allah from long ago if in fact you are believers.

92. And even Musa came to you with the clearest of proofs and even after He was gone you took the calf while you were wrongdoers.

93. And when We took a very strong binding agreement with all of you and We raised above you the mountain all of you take from what We have given you and hold onto it tightly with all your might and listen they said we hear and we disobey and the attachment of the calf was gulped down into their hearts because of their disbelieve Say how wretched is that which your faith enjoins upon you if you should be believers.