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94. The final home as always been purely just for you with Allah as opposed to all other people then wish for death if in fact you are all truthful.

95. But they will not be wishing for it ever because of what their hands have invested in and Allah is knowing of the wrongdoers.

96. And I swear to it that you will absolutely certainly find them the most eager of people in the matter of any life even more than those who associate others with Allah one of them wishes that he was given a thousand year age but it is not going to be his rescuer in any way shape or form that he be given that age and Allah is Seeing of what they do.

97. Say whoever has been an enemy to Jibril no doubt it is he in fact he is the one who sent it down onto your heart by Allah's permission confirming what is right before him in between his two hands and as a guidance and as good news for believers, so congratulations to the believers.

98. And whoever has been an enemy to Allah and His angels and His messengers and Jibril and Michael then indeed Allah is an enemy to the disbelievers.

99. And We have certainly already sent down self evident and clear miraculous signs especially to you no one disbelieves in them except the very corrupt.

100. Isn't it the case that every time they engaged in a promise in which they were equally enthusiastic a group among them discarded it rather most of them still don't believe.

101. And when a messenger from Allah came to them confirming that which was with them faction of those who had been given the book discarded Allah's book behind their backs as if they did not know what it contained.