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102. And the devils chanted against the kingdom of Solomon, Solomon did not disbelieve at all however the devils have disbelieved teaching people magic and what was sent down onto the two angels in Babylon Harut and Marut and they don't teach a single person at all until they say all we are a trial and a difficult test so do not disbelieve and they learn from them what they could use to cause separation between a man and his wife while they were not harming using it anyone at all except by Allah's permission and the people learn what harms them and does not benefit them and they had certainly already known for sure whoever purchases it they will not have especially in the afterlife not the least bit portion, how terrible is what they sold themselves for, had they only known.

103. And had they just believed and had they just protected themselves then an all encompassing reward especially coming from Allah would have been better if they only knew.

104. Believers! don't say "show us some courtesy we did not hear what you said can you repeat that" it could also mean "hey you goat herder" so do not say that which alludes to something bad but say "could you please give us some attention we got left behind" and listen to begin with and for the disbelievers is painful punishment.

105. Those who have disbelieved don't love at all those from within the people of the book even among the polytheists are those who have not done disbelief yet they would not want at all that any good whatsoever be sent down from your Master and in fact Allah He is the one who specifies and choosely exclusively out of His love and care whoever He wants and Allah is the Possessor of grand favors.