Page 16

106. We wouldn't cancel a single miraculous sign or We wouldn't make it forgotten except that We would bring something better than it or the equivalent of it. Do you know that Allah is over all things completely capable.

107. Do you not know that to Allah belongs the dominion of the heavens and the earth and that you have not besides Allah any protector or any helper?

108. Or is it the case you like to question your messenger as musa was questioned much before whoever replaced faith with disbelief then he has gone lost from the most evil of all paths. 

109. Many from the people of the book wish if only they could turn you back even after your faith into disbelief out of jealousy eminating from within themselves even after the truth has become abundantly clear for them forgive and overlook until Allah brings His decision Certainly Allah is over all things completely capable. 

110. And establish Salah and give zakah and whatever you might invest for yourselves in terms of any kind of good you will find it with Allah certainly Allah of what you do is Seeing. 

111. And they no one is going to enter Jannah except for the one who had been Jew or Christian those are their wishful thoughts Say BRING forward your raw undeniable completely exposed evidence if in fact you are truthful. 

112. Of course why not whoever would surrender their face before Allah while he does good than he will have his compensation with his Master and they will not have any fear on them nor will they be the ones who are grieving.