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113. And the Jews say that the Christians have no basis and the Christians say that the Jews have no basis while they all are reading the same book and those who don’t know have said similarly to what they said so Allah in fact He is going to pass judgement between them on the day of judgement in what they used to disagree in.

114. And who does more wrong than the one who prevents entrance into the houses of Allah that His name be pronounced therein and who could be more wrong than one who strives to damage it and it isn’t right for them that they enter it except in a state of fear and they have humiliation especially in this life and they have reserved in the afterlife great punishment.

115. And to Allah alone belongs the east and the west wherever you might turn and might make others turn then right there and only there you will find the Face of Allah certainly Allah is vast, knowledgeable. 

116. And they said Allah has taken a son He is too perfect for such an allegation! He exclusively owns whatever is in the heavens and the earth and everything in it is subservient to Him!

117. The Creator of the heavens and the earths from nothing and whenever He decrees a decision all He does is says to it Be and it exists.

118. And people who don’t know say how come Allah does not engage us in conversation or a miracle come to us that is how those who came much before them said something all to similar to what they said their hearts are all similar We thoroughly clarified the miracles for a nation that is looking to be convinced. 

119. No doubt it is We in fact who sent you with purpose as a constant source of good news and a constant source of warning and you will not be asked about the people of the roaring loud flames.