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120. The Jews and Christians will never be happy especially with you until you follow their religion say Allah’s guidance in fact is the only guidance and even if you were to follow their guidance after what has come to you out of knowledge than you will not have any protective friend or aid from Allah. 

121. Those who We gave the book to recite it and follow it as it deserves to be recited and followed those are the people or believe in it and whoever would disbelieve in it then those are the losers.

122. Children of Israel! Mention my favour that I showered upon you in a blessed way that I have preferred you over all other nations and people. 

123. And protect yourselves from a day in which no person will be able to compensate on behalf of another person in way shape or form and no ransom or equivalent will be accepted and intercession will be of no benefit to such a person and they are not going to be the ones who are aided. 

124. And His Master thoroughly tested Ibrahim with instructions and he completed those grand instructions He said I have made you a leader for all people he said and from my offspring He said My promise does not extend to the wrongdoers. 

125. And when We made the home into a place that envelops people in reward and We made it a place of peace itself you take from the station of Ibrahim a place to pray and We took a promise from Ibrahim and Ismail that both of you purify My House for those who go around, remain in seclusion, the bowers, or prostrators. 

126. And when Ibrahim said make this a peaceful city and provide its people with all kinds of fruit and whoever would believe among them in Allah and the last day and He said whoever disbelieved I should hook him up a little bit then I will drag to the punishment of the fire and what a horrible place to go back to.