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127. And when Ibrahim was raising the foundations of the house and Ismail too Our Master accept from us certainly You You are the All Hearing, the All Knowing.

128. Our Master and additionally make us both Muslims and from our offspring a Muslim Nation and show us all the times and places to perform our ritual sacrifices and accept our repentance certainly You are constantly accepting of repentance, the always extremely loving and caring. 

129. Our Master and additionally appoint a messenger from amongst them who will recite upon them Your miraculous signs and he will teach them the law and the wisdom and he will purify them certainly You are the exalted in Might the Wise. 

130. And who will be repelled by the religion of Ibrahim except somebody who has fooled himself We certainly We alone have already selected him purely from our own discretion and certainly when it comes to the life of the hereafter he is in the ranks of the righteous. 

131. And when His Master said to him submit he said I submit to the Master of all nations and people.

132. And Ibrahim gave a strong counsel to his sons and so did Jacob saying My children Allah has chosen the faith for you then don’t you dare die except that you are Muslims. 

133. Were you a witness when death presented itself before Jacob he said to his sons who will you worship much after I am gone? They all said we will worship your God and the God of your fathers Ibrahim, Ishmael, and Isaac a single God and we before Him alone are Muslims. 

134. That is a nation, they are already gone, they have what they earned and you have what you earned and you are not going to be asked about what they used to do.