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6. Indeed as for those who disbelieve it is all the same for them whether you warn them or do not warn them they will never believe.

7. Allah has permanently sealed their hearts and their hearing and over their eyes is a covering and for them is a great punishment.

8. And from among people someone says we have believed in Allah and even in the last day. No! They are not believers at all.

9. They attempt to deceive Allah and those who believe. They don’t deceive anyone except themselves. They don’t realize at all.

10. There is a disease in their hearts. So Allah increased them in sickness. They have a constantly painful punishment BECAUSE THEY USED TO LIE.

11. And when it is said to them do not create corruption in the area they say we are actually reformers.

12. Listen up! No doubt they they are the corrupters. However they don’t realize.

13. And when it is said to them believe just as other people have they say we should believe just as the fools have Listen up! It is they who are the fools and they know it not.

14. And when they casually meet those who believe they say we believe but when they are seeking solitude heading towards their devils they say we are just kidding we are so totally with you.

15. Allah in fact He is making mockery of them He extends them in their terrible rebellion as they remain spiritually blind.

16. Those are the ones who have purchased misguidance at the cost of guidance. Thus their trade did not produce any benefit at all. No! They weren’t those committed to guidance at all.