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135. And they said be Jew or Christian that will be the commitment to guidance for you instead, the religion of Abraham! the unwavering, solely dedicated, who did not have any bias, the one with a middle path, and he was not at all from amongst those who associate partners with Allah.

136. Say we believe in Allah and in the revelation given to us and to Ibrahim, Ismail, Isaac, Yaqoob, and the large families and until it comes to Musa and Isa and that given to all of the prophets from their Master we do not differentiate between any of them and we are Muslims.

137. And if they believe just like you have believed in then certainly they are committed to guidance and if they were to turn away then they are drowned in severe descent and Allah is enough for you against them and He is the All hearing, the All knowing.

138. The Color of Allah and what color is better than the Color of Allah and we are worshippers only of Him. 

139. Say are you trying to engage in an argument in the matter of God and He is our Master and your Master and we have our deeds and you have your deeds and we are the ones who purify ourselves and we are sincere to Him. 

140. Or do you say that Abraham, Ismail, Isaac, Yaqoob, and the leave families were Jews or Christians, say do you know better or Allah and who is more of a wrongdoer than the one who conceals or hides the testimony they have from Allah, and Allah is not at all unaware of what you do.

141. That is a nation, they are already gone, they have what they earned and you have what you earned and you are not going to be asked about what they used to do.