Page 21

142. Fools from among the people will say what turned them from the direction they face which they used to be committed to say Allah alone owns the east and the west He guides whom He wills to the straight path.

143. And that is how We have made you a middle nation that defines balance itself so that you may be a witness for all other nations and so the Messenger may be a witness against all of you and We did not make the direction that you used to be committed to except that We may know who will follow the Prophet from the one who will turn back on both his heels and it certainly has been a very big problem except for those whom Allah has guided and Allah would not be the one to put waste your faith, certainly Allah truly is compassionate, loving, and caring for all people. 

144. We see the turning of your face to the sky so We swear We are turning you in a direction that you are pleased with then turn your face in the direction of masjid al haram so wherever you are turn your faces in that direction, and the people of the book know very well that it is the truth from their master, and Allah is not at all unaware of what you do. 

145. And even if you were to bring those who were given the book every kind of miracle they wouldn’t follow the direction you face and you are not a follower of their direction in any way whatsoever at all and they don’t follow each other’s direction either and if at all you were to follow their whims  even after what has come to you from within knowledge you in that case would truly be from among those who have done wrong.