Page 22

146. Those who We have given the book to they recognise him just as well as they recognise their own kids and certainly a group from among them go out of their to hide the truth while they know very well.

147. The truth is from your Master so don’t you dare become from those in doubt. 

148. Every single person has a direction they face that a person turns to and they make others turn to so be the first to do good deeds wherever at all you might be Allah will bring you altogether certainly Allah is over all things completely capable. 

149. And from wherever you come out from turn your face towards masjid al haram truly it is the truth from your Master without doubt and Allah is not at all unmindful of what you do. 

150. And wherever you come out from turn your face towards masjid al haram so that people no longer have a way to make a case against you except those who have done wrong among them and do not fear them but fear Me so that I may complete My favours upon you and so that all of you may be committed to guidance. 

151. Just as We have sent among you a Messenger reciting our ayat onto you and purifying you and teaching you the law and the wisdom and He teaches what you could not have possibly known. 

152. Then remember Me then I will remember you and be grateful to Me and do not be ungrateful to Me. 

153. Believers seek help by being patient and by praying certainly Allah is with the patient.