Page 23

154. And don’t say about the one who has been killed in the path of Allah that they are dead rather declare that they are alive though they perceive it not.

155. And We will absolutely test all of you with anything having to do with fear and hunger and great loss from within your wealth and people and fruits so congratulate the patient. 

156. Who when the thing that was supposed to strike them struck them they say certainly We belong to Allah and to Him is our return. 

157. Those people salutations are upon them and love and care and those people they are the receivers of guidance. 

158. Certainly Safa and Marwa are from within the symbols that inspire emotion about Allah and whoever did pilgrimage of the house and did hajj or took the journey of a lifetime and did umrah there is absolutely no sin on him for the one who goes around the Kaaba and does tawaf and whoever would volunteer to go out of the intention to do good then certainly Allah is appreciative knowledgable. 

159. Certainly those who hide what We have sent down having to do with clear proofs and guidance even after We have clarified it for the benefit of people within the book those people Allah curses them and those who curse curse them. 

160. Except those who repented and reformed and clarified those people I will accept their repentance and certainly I am accepting of repentance the extremely loving and caring. 

161. Certainly while they were disbelievers those people have the curse of Allah upon them and of the angels and of all people altogether. 

162. Remaining in it for them punishment will not be lightened and they are not going to be the ones looked upon with mercy. 

163. And your Allah is One Allah there is no god but He the extremely loving and caring right now the always extremely loving and caring.