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17. Their example is something like the example of someone who tried to light a fire and when it illuminated whatever surrounded him Allah removed their light and He left them in multiple layers of darkness not being able to see.

18. Deaf! Mute! Blind! Therefore they are not the ones coming back.

19. Or a dark persistent cloud from above that has shades of darkness, thunder, and lightening in it They place their fingers in their ears because of the thunder bolts as a precautionary measure from fear of death and Allah has the disbelievers surrounded.

20. Lightening almost snatches away their vision every time it lights the way they walk in it when it becomes dark over them they stand still had Allah wanted He would have taken away their hearing and their seeing No doubt Allah is over all things completely capable.

21. People! Be enslaved to your Master the one who created you and those much before you so that you may hopefully protect yourselves.

22. The one who furnished the earth for you as a comfortable floor spread out for you and what lies above as a firm structure and from the sky and from above He sent down water and He provided and brought out through it all kinds of fruits do not furnish any rival for Allah while you people know very well.

23. And if you were to be in any doubt about what We progressively sent down onto our slave come forward with a surah in any way near an equal to it and call your expert witnesses as opposed to Allah if you happen to be truthful.

24. So if you haven’t been able to do so and you will never be able to do so then go ahead and protect yourselves from the fire whose fuel is people and stones. It has been prepared for disbelievers.