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25. And You O Prophet congratulate the believers who do a handful of good deeds they have gardens at the very bottoms of which rivers flow every time they are provided from them any fruit it was brought to them as something resembling and only in those gardens will they have purified spouses and they will abide therein eternally.

26. No doubt Allah is not ashamed at all to strike any example whatsoever even that of a mosquito or what is above it or even more far-fetched than that those who believe know it is the truth from their Master those who disbelieve say What did Allah intend by using THIS as an example? He misguides by it huge many and He guides by it great many No! He does not misguide anyone except the inherently corrupt.

27. Those who violate the promise of Allah even after it was made binding, they cut apart what Allah commanded to keep connected, and who cause corruption in the land, those are the ultimate losers.

28. How could you disbelieve in Allah and you all used to be dead, then He gave all of you life, then He will give you death, then He will give you life, then to Him you all will be returned.

29. He is the one who created especially for all of you whatever is on the earth altogether so He turned His attention to the sky so He made them even so He fashioned and molded them into 7 skies, and He is knowledgeable over all things.