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30. And when Your Master said to the angels no doubt I am certainly placing someone who is left behind and responsible to make his own choices on the earth, they said are you placing in it someone who will cause corruption in it and spill rivers of blood while we declare perfection by praising and thanking You and we declare sanctity to You, No doubt I and only I know best what you do not know.

31. He taught Adam the names and qualities of all of them He presented them before the angels He said tell me quickly the names and qualities of these people if in fact you are truthful.

32. They said How Perfect You are O Allah! We have absolutely no knowledge whatsoever except what You taught us, certainly You You are the only one the Most Knowing, the Most Wise.

33. He (Allah) said O Adam inform them of their names and qualities when He (Adam) told them their names He (Allah) turned to the angels and said Did I not tell you certainly I know the unseen of the skies and the earth and I know what you show and what you had been hiding.

34. And because of the reason of Adam We commanded the angels to prostrate and they all prostrated except for Iblis He refused and wanted to feel great and sought greatness and He became from the disbelievers.

35. He said O Adam settle you and your spouse across the gardens and eat from it carefree where ever you both may want and neither of you go near this tree then you might become among the wrongdoers.

36. Then the devil made them slip, he caused both of them to come out from what they used to be in, We said COME DOWN! some of you are enemies to each other and for you especially on the earth there is going to be a place where you will try to find peace, where you can chill temporaily and it is enjoyment for some time.

37. Words finally came into contact with Adam after making great effort especially from His Master then He (Allah) turned back onto him (Adam) No doubt He (Allah), He alone is The One who is repeatedly and excessively turning back and always extremely loving and caring.