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38. We said come down from it altogether if and when GUIDANCE COMES to all of you especially from Me then whoever were to follow My Guidance will not have any fear on them nor will they be the ones who are grieving.

39. And those who disbelieve and those who considered our miraculous signs a lie those are companions of the fire in it and only in it will they remain.

40. Children of Israel! Remember and Mention My blessing that I showered upon you in a comfortable and easy way so fulfill My timeless promise I will fulfill the promise made to you and protect yourselves and be cautious of Me and only Me.

41. Believe in whatever I sent down confirming what is already with you and do not be the first to disbelieve and do not sell my miraculous signs for a small insignificant price and protect yourselves and be cautious of Me and only Me.

42. And do not dress the truth with falsehood and thereby hide the truth while you of all people know.

43. And establish your connection with Allah through Salah and purify yourselves by giving Zakah, charity, and bow down with those who bow down properly.

44. You command people to goodness while you forget yourselves while you of all people read and follow the book. Don't you then understand?

45. And after exhausting yourself in effort seek help through patience and salah certainly it is difficult except for the one who feels humbled, overpowered, and in awe.

46. Those who are absolutely convinced that they have already met their Master and to Him they will be returning.

47. Children of Israel! Remember and mention my blessings that I have showered upon you in a easy way and mention that I gave you additional favor over all other nations and people.

48. Protect yourselves and be aware of a day when no one will compensate on behalf of anyone else with anything no intercession will be accepted and no equivalent or ransom will be taken and they are not the ones who are going to be aided.