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49. And when we repeatedly rescued you from the dynasty of the Pharoahs they humiliated you with the worst of all tortures they slowly and painfully massacred your sons and they would allow your women to live and in that for all of you was a great test from your Master.

50. And when We parted right by you the body of water thus we rescued you once and for all and we caused the dynasty of the Pharoah to drown while you were watching.

51. And when We called Musa to a promised thing for 40 nights then you committed yourselves to the calf even after Musa left you behind while you were wrongdoers and you still are wrongdoers.

52. Then We lovingly pardoned you even after that so that you may hopefully become grateful.

53. And when We gave Musa the book and the thing that separates between right and wrong so that you may hold onto guidance.

54. And when Musa said to his people My People! Certainly you in fact you wronged yourselves by you having taken of the calf then turn back to your Master and Creator then kill your own people it is better for all of you so far as your Alleviator is concerned then He will forgive you and He will surely accept your repentence for He is the one who repeatedly accepts repentance and the Always Extremely Loving and Caring.

55. And when they said to Musa, Musa we will not accept what you are saying until we see Allah openly and directly then the loud explosion that makes people pass out grabbed you while you were just staring.

56. Then We raised you even after your death so that you may hopefully be grateful.

57. And We put shade over you using soft clouds and We sent onto you some kind of wheat and some kind of quail, Eat out of the good and pure parts of what We have provided you now and other good things too, And No! They did not wrong us at all rather they only used to wrong themselves.