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58. And it was said to them enter this township and eat from it wherever you wanted freely and enter the gate in a state of prostration and say words of forgiveness then We would forgive your sins and mistakes and soon We will increase those who excel.

59. Then those who did wrong replaced it with a word other than the word that was said to them then We sent onto those who did wrong a disease from the sky because of the corruption they used to be engaged in.

60. And when Musa asked for water for his people We said strike with your staff the stone then it exploded from it 12 springs so that every group of people knew well their drinking place so Eat and drink out of Allah's provision so don't go about causing corruption in the area.

61. And when they said to Musa we can't tolerate one kind of meal so call on your Master for us and expecially for us to bring what the earth sprouts of garlic, lentils, onions, herbs, and cucumbers Musa said to them do you seek to replace that which is better with that which is inferior Musa said come down into another Egypt you are gonna get what you are asking for and then some, not realizing what they asked for, Humiliation was slapped upon them, and they were struck with social stagnation, unable to move from their circumstance, and they drew upon themselves some indescribable rage from Allah, that is because they they in particular disbelieve in the miraculous signs and revelations of Allah, and they used to kill Prophets without right, that is because they disobeyed and they continually crossed limits.