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62. And those who actually believed and those who actually returned to guidance and those who actually aided and those who actually had good nature whoever actually believed in Allah and in the last day and acted righteously they will get a reward from their Master, and there will have no fear on them nor will they be grieving.

63. And when We took the covenant from you and We raised above you the mountain all of you take from what We have given you and hold onto it tightly with all your might and with any strenth you have remember and mention whatever is in it so that you may hopefully protect yourselves.

64. Then you all turned away even after that, had it not been for Allah's favor upon you along with His love and care you absolutely and truly would have been from the losers.

65. And those who violated and transgressed in the matter or issue of the sabbath therefore We said to them Be monkeys so they were pushed away.

66. Then We made it into a deterent for whatever type of person was right before it and whatever type of person came after it and whatever useless generation they had and We made this incident into a powerful time of counsel to be remembered again and again for those who want to protect themselves.

67. And when Musa said to his people in fact it is Allah He certainly commands you that you slaughter a cow they said do you take us as a joke he said I seek refuge in Allah lest I become from the ignorant or those who lose control.

68. They said call upon Your Master so that He may clarify for us What type is it? Musa says I am telling you He, Allah, is the one who is saying it is a cow not too old neither too young and not a virgin it is helpful and fully functional just do what you are commanded.

69. They said What kind of color is it? He said it is a yellow cow, pleasing to the eye, they were staring and looking at it with amazement.