Prophet Adam

In the Beginning it was Allah and nothing and no one else

Allah wanted a creation to know

So Allah created the pen first and told it to write

The pen wrote everything that is to come into existence on a tablet or large stone

Every detail was written on this tablet

This tablet is preserved in the highest heavens

Only Allah and certain angels have access to this book

There are two types of Angels

  1. Angels that obey Allah and do not question Him
  2. Angels that ask a respectable question to Allah to gain knowledge

Allah told the angels I know what you conceal and what you reveal

Angels questioned Allah why would you create a creation that would shed blood

The creation that Angels thought would shed blood is we the human beings


The Time of this Earth

  • From us to Isa is 2000 years
  • From Isa to Musa is 2000 years
  • From Musa to Ibrahim is 2000 years
  • From Ibrahim to Nuh is 2000 years
  • From Nuh to Adam is 2000 years


The above narration about the Time of this Earth from Banu Israel you should not reject nor verify because you could verify false information or you could reject some truth unless you have authentic evidence from the Quran and Sunnah


  • Allah created everything in 6 days
  • 1 Day to Allah is 1000 years
  • So that is 6,000 years when all creation was created


Adam was created by Clay

It was a dark clay until Allah fashioned it

We are made of water and semen

All creation demands rest

The creation needs rest but not Allah

When Allah intends a matter He says to it Be and it is

Allah took 6,000 years to make everything as a lesson for us

Things that are made slowly last longer than those made in haste

We humans are created to do everything in stages

That is why Allah created us in this way

To take your time is an original act of Allah and to make haste is the act of Devil



  • There was a tribe who came to Madinah to meet the Prophet
  • Everyone rushed to meet the Prophet except for one man’
  • The Prophet asked who are you to the man who took his time
  • The man said We traveled for many days and I did not want to come meet you in this state
  • So the man took a shower and got ready before meeting the prophet
  • The Prophet said to him that you have some qualities in you that Allah loves
  • One of the qualities that Allah loves is to take your time to do something



  • A jinn
  • Made from a smokeless fire
  • Allah created a whole creation of Jinns on the earth
  • The jinns gave them a responsibility to recognize Allah
  • Allah sent Jinn messengers
  • Jinns are made of smokeless fire
  • The qualities of the Jinn is that they get angry and fired up
  • There are some good Jinns
  • Jinn Messengers were killed by their own people
  • There was one notable Jinn who was very pious who was Iblis
  • Iblis worshipped Allah amongst the highest angels
  • Jinns can fly up to the seven heavens
  • After the revelation of Quran Jinns cannot go past the first heaven
  • Iblis can see the angels and the angels can see him
  • Allah sent Iblis with the Angels to destroy most of the evil jinns on the earth
  • Jinns live for thousands of years
  • Jinns have a choice to obey or disobey Allah
  • Angels can never disobey Allah
  • Iblis disobeyed Allah because he got racist and jealous
  • Allah said Humans are the best and Iblis thinks he is better than us


Surah Al Baqarah Ayah 30

  • Recall when We said to the Angels I am going to create on the Earth a representative on the Earth
  • When Allah said that Iblis became really happy because he knows that Allah will choose him to rule the earth
  • Allah’s Decision was that he was going to create a new creation and make us humans the representatives of the earth
  • This shocked Iblis because all these years Iblis worshipped Allah was to that he could have power and prestige and to be in charge of earth
  • This new creation has no history and Iblis had so much history
  • Allah took different parts of the earth and made clay until the clay became dark and black and Allah fashioned it into the form of the human being
  • Then Allah waited until it was dry and this took a lot of time
  • Then Allah creates the hole of the mouth and ears and nose etc
  • If you strike the clay at this time it would make a sound
  • This is where the angels and Iblis see
  • When the clay dried it took on the color of wheat which is where Adam got his name from a light brown color
  • Allah took different parts from the earth and that’s how we get so many different color skins and different races
  • We come from one male and one female it makes us feel close to each other
  • The most noble amongst us is the one with the most taqwa of Allah
  • This removes racism from our hearts
  • Adam was beautifully created
  • Allah has honored us and created us in the best of all ways
  • Iblis and the Jinn were not so good looking and bit frightening
  • The angels said to Allah are you going to create one who will cause corruption and shed blood while we glorify you
  • Allah created Angels that have been in Qiyan ruku and sujood 24/7
  • Allah said I know what you do not know
  • What the angels do not know is that some Humans will become better than the angels
  • Because Humans have a choice to obey or disobey Allah and some chose to obey Allah
  • Allah also knows that Iblis is arrogant and racist against Humans which later becomes apparent


Surah Al Baqarah Ayat 32

  • Allah blew a spirit into Adam and Adam was alive
  • Iblis was getting even more jealous
  • Allah told Adam tell them their names and He told them their names
  • Adam had the brilliant mind to innovate and create things in stages
  • This made Iblis very jealous because he could not innovate or create things
  • Allah said to the angels tell me the names of these


Surah Al Baqarah Ayat 33

  • The Angels said O Lord you are the Most Perfect and free from imperfection
  • We do not know except what you have taught us
  • You are the one who has all the knowledge and wisdom
  • This is a beautiful dua we can make for knowledge


Surah Al Baqarah Ayat 34

  • Allah said Tell them the names of these things
  • Everyone was amazed
  • Allah said did I not tell you I know whatever is in the heavens and the earths
  • Allah said I know what you reveal and what you conceal
  • When we come across someone who has more gifts than you there will be jealousy and we must control that jealously
  • Iblis committed the first sins of arrogance and jealousy
  • These two sins are very great that cause other sins
  • When you steal you say he has it why don’t I so you steal from him
  • So we must humble ourselves before Allah and other people
  • No matter what skin color you are say Alhamdulillah
  • Do not judge each other with the color of your skin
  • Allah judges your taqwa in your heart but not our skin color


Allah is our ultimate Teacher

Adam knew all the languages that we have today

We only use small percentage of our brain

Sometimes Allah opens up the mind for some people

Every human being has all the knowledge in the mind that Allah already taught us

Everything you see, hear, or remember has been recorded in your mind

On the Day of Judgment we will remember everything that happened in our lives

Some things trigger off a certain memory in this world like a smell or sight or sound

We never forget anything

If you forget the quran say I was made to forget that

Adam had a brilliant mind and Iblis got jealous

Iblis was fast in his body but slow with his mind

Humans are slow with body but fast with mind

Iblis did not suppress his own jealousy

We must learn to suppress our jealousy and envy or wanting what others have


Knowledge should you make you more humble

This way the same quality that the angels had

We must be humble before Allah because Allah has all the knowledge

You should be in the service of those who teach you


Iblis gets arrogant with all the knowledge he has

This is wrong


Allah tells the Angels and Iblis to bow down to Adam in respect to him, because of the knowledge he has been taught by Allah


They all fell into prostration except for Iblis

Iblis had a direct conversation with Allah and he was very rude with Allah

So Iblis was sent away because he was displaying his sin to Allah

When Adam sinned he hid his sin and repented to Allah

Iblis did not repent to Allah

Iblis lost his hope in Allah

Allah made Iblis move from far away from His Rahma


Allah said O Iblis what has prevented you from bowing down to something I created with my own blessed hands, have you sought to be greater than the thing I made great? Or Are you seriously from those who are already in a higher station? And who will give you a higher station except myself? What’s wrong with you?

Evil is created by what you intended


Iblis said I am better than Adam

It took these five words for Iblis to drop from his high station to the lowest station


This is a big offense standing in front of the Master and saying such a statement

Iblis says You created me fire and you created him from earth

Iblis made an analogy and fire is better than earth

Iblis made a big mistake by making this analogy

What a fool Iblis was

The Earth produces something and Fire destroys

The earth is humble and fire is arrogant

Allah made Adam noble

So Iblis was completely wrong

Iblis was selfish when he said I am better than him

The word I is the root cause of most sins


The biggest mistake a human being makes is putting them in the center

We have a lot of prejudice and we become racist

This is the root cause of most sins