• Malik
The Owner of a slave
Our Master
  • Syed
The who is in charge and in control
  • Murrabi
The one who makes sure something grows and takes care of it
The one who improves everything and everyone
  • Qayyim
The one who maintains and sustains everyone and everything
Allah keeps us in place and in tact
We cannot do anything on our own
We will always need Allah
  • Munnim
The Giver of gifts
A gift is something we receive that we did not deserve
If we did not get a gift then we cannot complain
Everything Allah gives us is a gift
  • Master and Slave Relationship
Typically a slave is in a bad situation because of its Master
But We call Allah our Master and we are His slaves
There are some negative connotations on slavery
It is not associated with Praise and Thanks
But with Allah the first quality of Hamd to Allah is that He is our Master
We usually hate when people tell you what to do
Human beings hate authority
The best thing for us is a vacation because we are free
But when you are a slave to Allah you are free from everything else
You are free from everyone else when you enslaved yourself to Allah
There is no such thing as freedom
You are enslaved to someone or something no matter what
  • Who or What Enslaves us
  • Allah frees us from all other things of slavery when we enslave ourselves to Him
  • For this reason we will appreciate Alhamduillahi Rabb ul Alameen
  • Worship is one part of slavery
  • A slave is a slave all the time
  • We are slaves of Allah not just worshippers of Allah
  • Our relationship with Allah is not just a few times
  • We are always a Slave to Allah
  • Worship reminds us that the rest of the time we are slaves to Allah
  • Every few hours we are reminded we are slaves
  • So we become better slaves after each salah
  • In Salah we are in complete submission to Allah
  • Salah is a practical demonstration of slavery to Allah