Ramla Bint Sakhr (Umm Habibah)

She was daughter of Abu Sufyan

from the tribe of Banu Ummayah 

Cousin of Uthman Bin Affan

Her husband was Obaidullah bin Jahsh

the brother of Zainab bin Jahsh

Obaidullah bin Jahsh refused to worship idols and became a christian

He later becomes a Muslim 

Obaidullah and Ramla are in Abyssinia and they have a child

Ramla sees a dream that her husband had a distorted face

Ramla tells Obaidullah the dream and says have you turned away from your religion 

He says I turned back to Christianity 

Then He drinks more becomes more abusive and dies in Abyssinia as a Christian 

Ramla sees another dream of someone calling her mother of the believers 

When she wakes up Abraha a servant girl goes to Ramla and gives her good news 

Proposal of the prophet

She becomes from happy and gives Abraha all her Jewelry 

Prophet chooses Nagashi to represent him 

Ramla chooses a representative 

Prophet gives Mahr 400 dirhams 

It is a beautiful ceremony 

Ramla gives Abraha 50 dinar 

Abraha tells Ramla to tell the Prophet to give her salaam and reminded her everyday

Ramla meets the Prophet after 15 years

Abu Sufyan founds out about marriage of her daughter to the Prophet 

He is very happy a noble man and could not know of anyone better

Ramla is not very jealous of the prophet and asks Prophet to marry his sister too

She wanted her to have such a blessing too'

Prophet could not because she is mahram 

and they cannot marry two sisters at once 

Abu Sufyan broke treaty of Hudaibia then comes to speak with prophet

Prophet gets up and walks away

He goes to Abu Bakr and Umar they do the same and walk away 

Abu Sufyan goes to see Ramla after so many years 

Ramla rolls up the mat and does not let him sit

Abu Sufyan says o my daughter is the mat too good for me or am I too good for it

She says it is too good for you the mat of the prophet

Yet she was vey happy and made long sujood when her father and brother accepted Islam 

Ayesha and Ramla would later ask for forgiveness for each other

Ramla narrated the Hadith about praying 12 rakah in a day and getting a palace in Jannah 

Also the Hadith about praying 4 rakah before Zuhr and 4 after it

Ramla went to bring some water to Uthman and she hid it

But one of the rebels stopped her and said what are you doing

Then he cut the rope of mule and Ramla fell

Uthman ordered the mothers of believers to go to Makkah