Rohingya Muslims

A Muslim minority in Rohingya Mynammar Burma

the land of Burma is now called Myammar 

Burma was term British gave to it 

Burma is born out of British colonialism 

Burma was founded in 1948 

Burma is majority Theravada Buddhism 

they are the Bemar people 

Burma was led by military dictatorship 

opposition was led by a lady who is in charge of Burma now 

Yu is the daughter of the one who led opposition against British 

her father was assisnated 

she is raised in opposition 

she is arrested and exiled 

she gained support and government withdrew

her party won the election by landslide 

she went from being persecuted to being persecutors 

Bemar Buddhist is a very radical racist group 

they talk out against minorities and a Muslims 

the government declared 8 ethnicities from Burma 

although there are hundreds 

largest are Bemar 

Rohingya Muslims are smallest ethnicities and not part of Burma ethnic group 

Rohinya are part of civilisation from an empire of Arakan 

Arakan has their own kingdom part of Mughal dynasty 

majority did not convert and those who converted are Rohingya 

Arkan Ethnicity is considered accepted by Burma and Rohinya was not 

Arkan and Rohinya are same blood but only different religion 

they claim Rohinya are not pure Arkan 

there is an element of racism 

this is historical inaccurate 

there is no such thing as pure one ethnicity 

borders were not created than and there is no such way of finding out here they came from 

Arkan dynasty encompasses parts of Bangladesh, India and Burma 

people would come from and between the lands 

from the perspective of the British it was one land 

Rohingya lived there for 100 years 

they have no where else to go to

they have not been given equal rights and education 

Rohingya lived in separate places and it created poverty and crimes 

people began fleeing and Burma forbid to give them passports 

Rohinyga is a stateless nation no state would accept them 

Muhammad Ayub is imam of haram in Madinah he is from Rohinyga 

Rohingya had very religious and known for memorizing the Quran 

Muslim shopkeeper and Buddhist had a fight they burned the shop and masjid 

riots started and it went downhill from there 

dehumanising a people can cause major Castrophe with small incident 

Army participated in attacking Rohinyga 

killing and mass rapes in 2012

Rohinyga fight back and killed some people 

the term is terrorist is meaningless 

government can call Rohinyga terrorist and at same time forget what they did to them 

2016 military expels the entire Rohingya population 

United Nations calls it a classic textbook case of genocide 

An soun is ki is Ar head of the opposition against Muslims and defends what government did 

the most inhumane Buddhist monk is also at the head of opposition against Burma 

Buddhist said it is permissible to kill the Rohinyga 

Mass starvation and killing 

superpowers have done nothing 

Dalai Lama supported a Muslims who is from Tibetan Buddhism 

Tibetan Buddhism and Theravada Buddhism do not get along 

We believe in the Prophet who has predicted this 

everyday will bring worse news than the one before it 

there will be bloodshed and earthquake 

we need to increase in our imaan in Allah 

to test those who want to change 

make dua spread awareness or donate 

feel a connection with the ummah 

be grateful to Allah and make dua to keep us safe 

do little you can and hope for Allah’s forgiveness

Allah will ask you about others

Allah will ask about your time yourself and your society

we think global and act local