Safiyah Bint Huyyah

These marriages are to soften hearts and bring people together

Saffiyah means someone who chosen and free of any faults 

Full of goodness 

Also the name of the aunt of the prophet

Her father was chief of tribe Banu Nadeer 

Her mothers father was chief Banu Quradah 

She comes from royal families of Jews in Madinah 

Her lineage traces to Haroon and traces back to Yaqoob 

Jewish tribes were settling in Madinah expecting their next Prophet to come 

They fled from Sham and settled in Madinah waiting for the Prophet

Khaibar 150 km north of Madinah it was there stopping place 

a famous battle will happen there

Saffiyah was the favorite child of her father and her uncle 

one day they were very angry and she tried to cheer them up but they ignored her

They said are you sure it is him

They said yes and all signs fit

uncle said what will you do and her father said I am his enemy until death

this is the first time he hears from prophet

Saffiyah was married twice before the prophet

A poet later divorced

then a man married night before kaibar

Prophet conquers Khaibar and people are taken prisoners including Saffiah

her father brother and husband are killed

Bilal took Saffiyah and her cousin and walked them through the battlefield 

Prophet looked to Bilal may Allah forgive you do you have no mercy in your heart

that was the only time Prophet got angry 

Prophet told them to give them their dignity 

Saffiyah and her cousin is with diahya 

Diayha said to prophet Saffiyah is leader of both tribes 

She should be with you 

Prophet saw her and said if you like you can remain on your religion and I will set you free 

or you can become muslim and marry me

Saffiyah says O messenger of God I already believed in you 

Allah and the messenger are more beloved to me than being free 

I wished for this in shirk while I was living amongst them why would I leave now

Saffiyah was beaten up 

Saffiyah sees the moon entering into her lap 

She tells her husband and he beats her that you want that king in Madinah 

Prophet goes to her tent and she shows a sense of aversion and sitting alert

Prophet leaves 

Prophet asked her is everything ok

She said I was worried about her people being close to her 

the fear was worry about the prophet 

they make there way back to Madinah 

Prophet gave her a great portion of gifts and they had a wedding 

No one trusted her 

All women of Madinah went to visit her

Ayesha does not like her

She goes to visit Saffiyah 

Prophet goes up to Ayesha 

Ayesha says I see her as a Jewish women send her back 

Prophet said do not say that she became Muslim and fear Allah 

Prophet did not like what people said about Saffiyah 

it hurt saffiah to be accused 

prophet was on a journey and Saffaih was there

Prophet said give a camel to your sister

She said the Jewish women 

Prophet was angry with her 

Prophet did not go to Zainab's house for three months 

Prophet walks in and he sees saffiah crying 

They called her the daughter of a Jew

Prophet says tell them my husband is Messenger of Allah

My father is Haroon and my uncle is Musa

My grandfather is Ibrahim 

Saffiyah was very sensitive and very soft hearted and very smart 

Ayesha did an action to cal her short which would have polluted the ocean

Prophet condemned that its like backbiting

Saffiah was crying because she got smaller necklace 

Prophet wiped the tears from her eyes and got her bigger camel 

Prophet said this is Saffiyah because it was after ayat of hijab

Sahaba said we know but prophet wanted to remove doubt 

When Prophet was passing away Saffiyah cried the most 

She said I wish O Messenger of Allah Allah would give what you have so you can be free 

Prophet said why are you mocking your sister for she is telling the truth 

Prophet defends her intentions until her death

Saffiyah become a unifying factor with the Jews 

A rumor spread about Saffiyah in which her servant went to Umar

Saffiyah keeps relation with Jews and still practices Sabbath

Umar called for Saffiyah and she said you asked me about sabbath since Allah gave me Friday I never thought about my Saturday 

She said I maintain my ties of kinship because it was what Prophet wanted

Saffiyah asked her servant why she did it and she responded it was the devil

She answered you are free to go