Sawda Bint Zama'a

Prophet did not marry another wife along with Khadija

Prophet did not even think about marrying multiple wives until he was in his 50s

This proves that the Prophet was not a womanizer

The prophet was offered 6 proposals and he turned them down

Every marriage to the prophet had a divine wisdom to it

Prophet was very saddened at the death of Khadija

Prophet did not smile for months

Khola bint Hakim

  • Daughter from the chief of banu Asad
  • Relationship between her and Khadija
  • Close friend of Khadija
  • Prophet sent her gifts
  • She was married to companion Uthman ibn Magoon
  • She is a great women and the matchmaker of her time
  • She came to the Prophet and said you should re marry
  • Prophet said who do you have in mind
  • She said I have someone who is previously married and not married before
  • It was Sawda Bint Zam’a and Ayesha bint Abu Bakr

Sam’a bint Zam’a

  • She is older than the Prophet
  • She was previously married
  • 620 when the proposal to Prophet comes in
  • Her father is Zam’a bin Qaias bin
  • Her father was same clan has mother of Khadija
  • Also related to Prophet through bani najar his mother was from there
  • Her mother is from banu najar 

Sukhran bin Amr

  • He was married to Sawda bint Zam’a
  • His brother was enemy of Islam then he becomes Muslim
  • His brother becomes great contributor to Islam

They all went to Abyssinia

Sawda and Sukhran had one son whose name is Abdul Rahman

Abdul Rahman lived for ling time when Umar was Khalifa

He fought in Persian war and dies in the battle

Sukhran dies in Abyssinia

So it is Sawda her father and her son

Sawda was 55 years old 

Characteristics of Sawda

  • She was not attractive
  • She is a widow
  • She has a child
  • She was very heavy
  • She was very tall
  • She was clumsy when she walked
  • She was extremely loving
  • She gets along with all the mothers of the believers
  • She was very funny and always joking

Prophet needed some laughter in his life

Prophet sends Khola to ask for her hand in marriage

Sawda sees a dream that a moon fell into her lap

When she woke up Khola came to the father of Sawda and ask for her hand in marriage

Her father said yes a noble man then he asked her daughter

Sawda said yes and she was very happy

Sawda’s brother cursed himself because he was an enemy of Islam

Later her brother became Muslim and he regretted what he did then

Sawda asked her brother in law to be representative in the marriage

The nikah and mahr was given

Sawda moves in with Prophet

Zaid bin Haritha brought Fatima, Um Ayman, Sawda, Uthman bin Zaid to Madinah

Sohail bin Amr

  • He was captured in battle of badr
  • He escaped
  • Then he is caught again
  • Sawda said it will be better if he died a noble death
  • Prophet said do not add hatred for Allah and his messenger in his eyes
  • Sawda asked for forgiveness

Sawda bint Zama’a was easily spotted

Umar was worried for her and what people would say

Allah revealed the ayat of hijab then

Then Ayesha moves in

Ayesha and Sawda

  • Ayesha moved in after the hijrah
  • There rooms were next to each other
  • The rooms were very small
  • These were the first 2 rooms
  • Sawda is not like Ayesha
  • Sawda did not get jealous of Ayesha
  • Ayesha and Sawda loved each other
  • They loved being in each others company
  • The age gap was significant
  • Ayesha and Sawda through food at each others faces
  • Ayesha once made some food
  • Prophet never said her food was awful
  • Ayesha was not a good cook
  • Sawda brought over a dish
  • Prophet ate from Ayesha’s plate
  • Sawda did not eat from Ayesha’s plate
  • So they through food at each others faces
  • Then Umar knocked on the door and everyone was quiet
  • Ayesha and Hafsa scared Sawda because they said dajjal is here
  • Prophet said don’t worry he is out but not here

Sawda brought happiness to the life of the Prophet at a time when it was much needed

Sawda became very old and became immobile

She did not feel a need to be intimate

Prophet gave her her night anyway

Sawda said I am not into intimacy and not competing with other women

Sawda wanted to be raised on Day of Judgment as one of his wives

Prophet said ok

Sawda gave her night to Ayesha

Prophet always greeted Sawda first

She was still very special to the Prophet

As she got older it became very difficult to pray Qiyam with Prophet

Sawda prayed with Prophet and held her noise in ruku she thought blood would come out

Prophet let Sawda leave Muzadalifa early during hajj

The wives would do hajj frequently after death of Prophet

Sawda did not make hajj much

Sawda outlived Prophet and Abu Bakr

Umar would keep sending gifts to Sawda and she would give it to poor

Sawda would give the gifts from Umar to young girls getting married

One time Umar gave her some money and she refused it and donated it

She knew where every poor person was

Her life was so private after death of Prophet

She died in year 644 at the age of 80 years old

Umar bin Khattab heard of the death of Sawda

Then he fell into sajdah because Prophet said make sajdah at signs of Qiyamah

Umar said what bigger sign then the death of the wives of the Prophet

Ayat revealed about Sawda

  • Ayat of hijab
  • Surah Anaam ayat

Sawda narrated just 5 Ahadith from ibn abbas