Seerah Tun Nabi: Introduction Part 2

Why Study Seerah?

  1. Immersing yourself into the life of the Prophet is a perfect role model
  2. It humanizes the Prophet so we can relate to him and follow his example
  3. Extracting lessons that are practical and relevant for all time and all of humanity
  4. Authenticity of the Sunnah and increasing our love for the Prophet
  5. A direct aid in understanding the Quran
    1. Like an instruction manual
    2. Prophet was the walking Quran
    3. Teachings of Quran come to life through the Prophet
  6. Restoring the integrity of the Ummah and how we can best live our lives
  7. Observing the Prophet’s interaction with society
  8. The Prophet’s Message is universal and as a rahma for alameen
  9. The Prophet’s life has been documented the most unlike other people
  10. The Prophet was able to say a whole lot in very little like a miracle
  11. It can save us from a spiritual crisis
  12. We learn how to move forward in life
  13. Upbringing of the Ummah to the level they need to be at with Quran and Sunnah


Quran and Sunnah

  • The Prophet left us these two sources and references
  • The Prophet guarantees us that will never go astray if we hold on to these


The Prophet was 40 years old when he was teaching the youth

The early Sahaba were mostly young people

Umar bin Khattab was 27 years old when he accepted Islam

Musab bin Umair was only 18 years old when he accepted Islam


The Prophet Muhammad

  • He is the Most Beloved of Allah
  • He is the Crowning Jewel for the World
  • A Rahma for all the Worlds
  • His name is Ahmad and Mustafa
  • No other individual has been praised more than him
  • No one has been talked about as much as him
  • He is Abdullah the perfect slave of Allah
  • He is Mustafa the one chosen by Allah
  • He is not only the Prophet of Allah He was also the Messenger of Allah
  • He was the friend of Allah