Sequencing in the Quran

Days and Night

  • Allah says in the Quran Days and Night
  • Also Allah says Night and Day
  • We are used to saying things a certain way
  • The Quran is really remarkable
  • Allah breaks the speech pattern and mixes it up
  • Allah changes His speech pattern even too rapidly

Surah Al Mulk

  • Say He is Ar Rahman we have believed in Him and upon Him we rely
  • In this unusual sequencing Allah says we only rely on Allah
  • We believe in Allah and other things as well
  • Allah says it so accurately in a split second
  • When we speak we make tons of grammatical mistakes
  • The Quran was given to humanity in the form of speech
  • There is no room for correction in speech unlike written
  • We recite once, the final version we are still reciting now

Surah Al Kahf

  • How well He sees and How well He hears
  • In the rest of the Quran Allah mentions hearing first and seeing second
  • The sequenced is reversed
  • These two times the pattern is broken
  • We see and we hear
  • It is talking about the people of the cave
  • The real problem was that nobody could see them
  • Allah wanted to highlight nobody knew where they were
  • Allah sees them so well
  • Allah hears the most intimate conversation between friends
  • The Quran has its unique perspective on history
  • It is Allah’s perspective on history
  • They see the hellfire and they say we are ready to listen

Surah Isra and Surah Anaam

  • Do not kill your children because of poverty, we provide you and them
  • Do not kill your children out of fear of poverty we provide them and you

Surah Al Baqarah and Surah Jathiya

  • Allah placed a seal upon his heart and hearing
  • Allah placed a seal upon his hearing and his heart 

Surah Al Jumuah

  • When they saw business or entertainment they left and left you standing there
  • What Allah has is better than entertainment and better than business

Ayat ul Birr

  • Being Good isn’t only that you turn your faces to the east and west alone
  • The entire discussion before this is about the changing of the qibla
  • The above statement creates a question
  • What else is good?
  • The Quran makes you asks a question
  • The definition of goodness is given thereafter
  • This is an example of teaching methodology
  • Two distinct subjects being good and change of qibla
  • It is a natural flow of conversation
  • Mufoona and sabirina
  • What did it change?
  • Allah is emphasizing how much important you need sabr

Ayat ul Kursi

  • The 9 sentences are symmetrical to each other
  • His chair held the skies and the earth
  • Every other verb in the ayah is in the present tense
  • The chair held is in the past tense
  • This means that the maximum capacity was not reached
  • It is a matter of fact and not just a matter of potential
  • How much bigger is the chair than the seven heavens
  • It is like a ring in a desert
  • Allah says My love and care held all things