Ibn Abbas Shadowing the Prophet

Abdullah Ibn Abbas has heard of the prophet for 10 years

since he was a baby

When Ibn Abbas sees Prophet for first time as 10 year old he runs to Prophet

Family of Abbas are always around Prophet

His Paternal aunt is married to Prophet (Maymuna)

Ibn Abbas stays with Prophet and Maymuna to see the night habit of Prophet

Prophet called Ibn Abbas the sheik of Quresh

Ibn Abbas slept horizontal at the feet of the Prophet and Maymuna

Prophet jumped up after half the night 

Then Prophet wiped the sleep from his eyes then read the last 10 ayat of Ali Imran

Prophet made wudu perfectly 

Prophet got up to pray and Ibn Abbas followed 

Prophet put his hand on head of Ibn Abbas and played with his ear 

Prophet started to pray and Ibn Abbas followed

Prophet moved Ibn Abbas next to him on the right

Ibn Abbas moved back again and Prophet asked him why?

Ibn Abbas said can anyone pray standing next you 

Prophet grabbed Ibn Abbas hugged him and prayed for him

Prophet prayed 13 rakah including the witr 

Prophet prayed with Ibn Abbas even in house of Ayesha Tahhajud 

Prophet said O Allah teach Ibn Abbas the book and the wisdom 

Ibn Abbas prepared a bucket of wudu for the Prophet

Prophet hugged Ibn Abbas and asked Allah to give him understand of deen

Prophet is very affectionate with Ibn Abbas

Prophet sat next to Ibn Abbas put his hand on his head and made dua

May the deen be spread through him  and bless

Prophet said O Allah teach him the book and wisdom 

There is a common dua of knowledge and wisdom 

When Allah wants good for someone Allah grants him wisdom 

One scholar is more severe on the devil than a thousand worshippers 

Prophet taught Ibn Abbas to have taqwa and ask only Allah

If the entire Ummah benefited you with anything there will not be able to benefit you except if Allah wills and vice versa 

Prophet knows Ibn Abbas will be very well known and scholar of the Ummah

Prophet said do not worry about the people but only worry about Allah

Ibn Abbas spends 3 years with the Prophet 

In this time he memorizes 1,600 Hadith from the Prophet 

Hadith of Fasting Ashura Ibn Abbas was not present than 

But it narrated it because he carried a pad and went to all Sahaba and asked them

One person sent to Prophet yogurt, butter, and lizard

Prophet ate only the butter and yogurt but not the lizard 

Prophet never complained 

Prophet drank zam zam while standing up 

Prophet took out a bone with meat ate it and did not make wudu again 

Ibn Abbas tells us what Prophet prayed in Zuhr and Asr

Hadith of Ibn Abbas was very precise

Prophet said when you ask for something in dua hold your hands opposite from your shoulders when you ask something point it with your fingers

Prophet had Abu Bakr Umar Khalid and Ibn Abbas

Prophet grabs milk and serves to Ibn Abbas first because he was on his right

Ibn Abbas does not give up the opportunity to learn from the prophet

Al Abbas and Ibn Abbas went to see the Prophet

Al Abbas was talking to the Prophet and Prophet ignored him

Al Abbas got upset and left and said to his son you see what he did

Ibn Abbas said did not you not see the person who was talking to him

Al Abbas said what man

Al Abbas went back and told the Prophet  

Prophet said He saw him

Prophet said that was Jibril then Prophet made dua 

Ibn Abbas saw Jibril twice

Ibn Abbas saw Prophet making wudu 

the entire Hajj is narrated by Ibn Abbas because he followed the Prophet in hajj

His entire family was in the service of the prophet during Hajj 

Prophet raised his hands on the day of Arafa on the day of Hajj and prolonged it 

Sahaba were fasting and were getting tired 

The mother of of Ibn Abbas gave milk to Prophet and Prophet drinks it 

Al Fadil looked at a beautiful women and Prophet kept turning it back

When Ibn Abbas was not with Prophet his brother told him

Al Fadil said Prophet kept reciting zika during hajj then through jamarat 

Ibn Abbas was the age of 13 or 15 years when Prophet died 

The family of prophet washed his body at death

Ibn Abbas was there washing and burying the Prophet 

Ibn Abbas does not stop his goal is Ilm

When prophet died Ibn Abbas goes to his friend and said lets go to the Sahaba 

His friend said lets just go play with the pigeons 

Ibn Abbas left him and went to the doors of the Sahaba and fell asleep there 

Sahaba saw Ibn Abbas sleeping there at there door

Sahaba said we can come to you

Ibn Abbas said knowledge is sought and it does not come to you 

Ibn Abbas is to be honored and he is a great companion from the family of Prophet and he had great knowledge 

Zaid bin Thabit was older than Ibn Abbas but Zaid is in the service of Ibn Abbas

Zaid Bin Thabit kissed the hand of Ibn Abbas 

Zaid said this is how we are commanded the to respect our elders, teachers, and family of prophet

Ibn Abbas said I was humbled as a student and therefore respected as a student 

Ibn Abbas friend walked by and just look at that gathering of Ibn Abbas