Stories of the Prophets: Episode 3 The first Breath of Humanity

Allah ordered the angels to gather the clay from the earth in all different colors

Allah fashioned the clay and mixed it with water

This took awhile and took years

Iblis was amongst the angels watching being jealousy of Adam

Iblis thought he was better than us

Allah ordered everyone to make prostration before Adam when he breathed His spirit into Him

The spirit first reached his head then he sneezed

The angels advised Adam to say Alhamdulillah

Adam saw the fruits of Jannah but the spirit has not reached his legs yet

Humans were created to be very hasty

Allah says to Adam go to the angels and send your salaam to them

The angels reply back to Adam and his progeny

Allah wipes the back of Adam and all his children come forth

Allah took a convenant from us that Am I not your Master we said Yes 

All the angels prostrated to Adam except for Iblis who was a Jinn

Allah says to Iblis what prevented you from prostrating when I commanded

Iblis said I am better than him You created him from clay and You created me from fire

Allah said get out of here you are rejected and indeed upon you is My curse

Iblis turned away from Allah's command and He was a Jinn

Iblis was so righteous he was worshipping Allah amongst the angels but he was arrogant

His arrogance came out when Adam was created and everyone was commanded to prostrate

Iblis asked for time until they are resurrected

Allah said you have been given time

Iblis said Allah led him astray and swore he will lead Adam and his children to hellfire

Allah said My righteous slaves you will have no authority over them