Stories of the Prophets Episode 4: Temptations of Iblis

Iblis said I will come from in front, behind, left, and right

Allah said get out and whoever follows you I will fill hell with all of you

Adam is in Jannah and he feels lonely

Adam is put to sleep and when he wakes up he sees a women there

Adam said who are you

She says I am a women

Adam said what are you here for 

She said Allah created me for us to be together

She was named Hawa

Allah taught Adam the names of all things

Hawa was created from the rib of Adam

Allah said Adam enter you and your wife across the gardens and eat from wherever you like but do not approach this tree or you will be from amongst the wrongdoers

Iblis was granted access to talk to them in Jannah

Allah told Adam and Hawa not to listen to Iblis and that he is an enemy

Allah said do not follow th footsteps of the devil

Iblis tempted Adam and Hawa

Iblis took his sweet time to tempt them slowly but surely

Iblis said eat from the tree you will become like angels or become permanent residents of Jannah

Iblis swore by Allah you will be in Jannah forever if you eat from this tree

Then Adam and Hawa was tempted by Iblis to eat from the tree

After they ate from the fruit their clothes were removed and they covered themselves from the leaves of Jannah

Adam was shy before Allah with the sin he committed

Allah calls Adam and Hawa did not I tell you Shaytan is a great enemy to you

Adam and Hawa said O our Master we have wronged ourselves and if You do not forgive us we will be from amongst the wrongdoers