Stories of the Prophets Episode 5: The Beginning of Humanity

Jibril comes to Adam and takes off the crown and Adam and Hawa descend onto the earth

Allah says descend Adam, Hawa, and Iblis on the earth as enemies to one another

Allah says Children of Adam We have brought forth clothing to you to cover yourselves and to look well

The best clothing is the clothing of taqwa

Adam came down to India and Hawa came down to Makkah

Then they met in Arafah

Adam was sad about being on earth

Allah gave Adam and his children guidance so they can make it back to Jannah

Hawa had twins in each pregancy with Adam

The twin from one pregancy would marry another twin from another pregnancy

There was Qabeel and Habeel the two sons of Adam

Qabeel was ordered to marry the sister of Habeel

Habeel was ordered to marry the sister of Qabeel

Qabeel wanted to marry his own sister

Allah ordered them to offer a sacrifice

Habeel was a sheperd and he offered the best meat

Qabeel was a farmer and he offered the best crops

Habeel offering was accepted and Qabeel offering was not

Qabeel got jealous of Habeel and wanted to kill him

Habeel said if you extend your hand to kill me, I will extend my hand to kill you

Habeel said I fear Allah

Qabeel kills Habeel and the first murder happened

Qabeel sees two crows fighting then one crow buried the other

Qabeel buries this brother Habeel in the ground

Adam felt sick and he is about to die

Adam said to his son Sheath to carry on the message and passes on prophethood

Adam said go get some fruits 

They find some angels who say what are you doing

They said we are looking for some fruits

Angels say go back your father is dying

Adam passed away and angels came and washed him shrouded him and buried him

Allah says every soul shall taste death