1. Surah Al Fatihah - Translation

  1. The Ultimate, Genuine, Sincere, and Timeless Praise and Thanks is for Allah who is independent from His creation, who is the Master, the Owner, the one who is in control and in charge, the one who allows us to grow and develop, the one who is improving us constantly, the one who takes care of us and sustains us, the one who gives us gifts over and over again for every generation and every culture, every nation and every people, in every time and every place.


  1. The Extremely Loving and Caring Right Now, The Always Extremely Loving and Caring.


  1. The Master and the Owner of the Day of Judgment.


  1. You alone do we willingly enslaves ourselves to and You alone do we seek help from after exhausting ourselves in effort.


  1. Guide us to the straight path upwards.


  1. The path of those whom you have favored, whose path you made easy smooth and luxurious, like going up an escalator, those who had beneficial knowledge and acted upon it, the path of the Prophets, the truthful, the martyrs, and the righteous.


  1. But not the path of those who had wrath upon them, those who had beneficial knowledge but did not act upon it, nor of the lost, who did not have beneficial knowledge and acted wrongly.