The Ascetic Warrior Ibn Zubair

There are three special traits of Ibn Zubair

He could not be competed with in

In his bravery

In his worship

In his eloquence 

the bravery of Ibn Zubair was used in many examples 

It was well known about the bravery of Ibn Zubair

Prophet saw Ibn Zubair running to his father and playing with the wounds of his father

Prophet said this is the son of Az Zubair

Umar walks on the street and then all the kids run away except for Ibn Zubair 

Umar walks up to him and looks at him and says What wrong with you Ibn Zubair

Why did you not run away

He said O Ameer ul Mumineen why should I run away I did not commit any crime

And there is plenty of space for both of us to walk 

Umar laughed and picked up Ibn Zubair and said this is the son of his father

the bravery of Ibn Zubair showed most in one battle


Ibn Zubair one time charges through 80,000 people by himself 

and he split the army in two and then he killed the tyrant king from Rome 

He spoke so eloquently like Abu Bakr 

All the Khawritte were afraid of Ibn Zubair

Ibn Zubair guarded the front door of Uthman's house 

When Uthman was assassinated Ibn Zubair suffered 26 wounds 

He felt the pain for the rest of his life and he never regretted it 

Uthman said to Sahaba go home and don't defend me

Ibn Zubair hassan and hussein refused

Ibn Zubair stands up for prayer like as a pole and prayed like Abu Bakr 

Ibn Zubair, Urwa, all died in Salah 

Urwa had to have his leg cut so he said cut it while I am praying fajr

Ibn Zubair would prolong his sujood as long as reciting Surah Baqarah 

Ibn Zubair was so still in salah that bird sat on him

Ibn Zubair prayed as if he left this world even during battle 

Ibn Zubair's clothes caught fire and he did not leave the salah 

Ibn Zubair did tawaf swimming one time when it rained really hard 

Ibn Zubair would fast continuously for days and Prophet allowed it for him

Ibn Zubair was put on the council to gather the Quran