The Authority of The Quran Ibn Masood

He is distinguished by the Quran

Ibn Amr Al As said I shall forever love Ibn Masood

Ibn Masood, Obay ibn Kaab, Salm ibn Hudaifah, Muadh ibn Jabal

Prophet said take Quran from above four

Ibn Masood is the best of them

Ibn Masood recited Quran more properly than any of them 

Ibn Masood says in the Hadith the one upon whom Surah Al Baqarah was revealed 

Ibn Masood loves the Prophet 

Whoever loves the Quran will Love Allah and the Messenger 

Ibn Masood says I took 70 surahs from the mouth of the Prophet as it was revealed 

Ibn Masood was there was Surah Naml was revealed 

Ibn Masood memorized Surah Naml within seconds 

When Prophet would receive Quran Ibn Masood would take it to heart 

There is not a single verse except Ibn Masood knows where when and why it was revealed 

Prophet told Ibn Masood read the Quran to me

Ibn Masood said me when the Quran was revealed to you

Prophet said I like to hear it 

Ibn Masood read Surah Nisa and Prophet said enough I cannot take anymore 

Because Allah said I will bring you as a witness against your people 

Prophet was in tears 

Prophet likes to hear the Quran in voice of Ibn Masood

Whoever wants to hear Quran as it came down let him listen to Ibn Masood

Prophet would walk at night and listen to different recitations of Quran on houses

The night of Madinah and you hear buzzing of Quran

Prophet was walking with Abu Bakr and Umar at night and talking and consulting

Then they heard the Qiyam of the people

They heard the recitation of Ibn Masood 

Prophet sat there and took time listening to Ibn Masood 

Prophet says ask and you will be given 

Whatever you ask right now Allah will grant it to you 

Ibn Masood asked for Imaan that does not go bad and companionship of Messenger in Jannah 

the Prophet said Ameen to the dua 

the next day Umar ran to give Ibn Masood the glad tidings

But Abu Bakr already beat him to it 

When one of the Sahaba would learn the Quran was to learn 10 ayah at a time and understand it and implement it 

Prophet teaches salah to Prophet very closely

Prophet taught Ibn Masood tashahud like he taught him surah

Prophet taught Ibn Masood a dua O Allah I ask you for guidance and taqwa and protection and free of in need

Ibn Masood was taught what to say dua after tashahud 

Prophet taught Ibn Masood Qunut Nazilah 

Qiyam of the Prophet were very tough and no one could handle it