The Family and Background of Ibn Abbas

Abdullah bin Abbas

  • The son of the Uncle of the Prophet Al Abbas
  • Al Abbas is the Paternal Uncle of the Prophet
  • His mother’s name is Um Fadil Lubaba Al Harith
  • He was born 3 years before the Hijra
  • During the boycott of Banu Hashem in Makkah
  • No other family members were born at this time
  • When he was born they did not family water or much food
  • He did not have tahneek done to him because there were no dates
  • Prophet held him close and made dua for him
  • His Tahneek was the saliva of Prophet

Prophet did not see the child until years later when he made hijrah

Household of the Prophet

  • Prophet had 12 uncles
  • 8 of them died before Prophet received revelation
  • 4 of them died after the Prophet received revelation
    • Abu Lahab
      • Died in disbelief
    • Abu Talib
      • Died in disbelief
    • Al Abbas
      • Became a muslim
      • 3 years older
      • his name means lion
      • Every one loved him
      • He would bring family together
      • He did not have the status of Abu Talib because he was young
      • He was very generous with his family members
    • Hamza
      • Was martyr as Muslim
      • Close to age of Prophet
      • His name means lion

When Prophet moved to Madinah Al Abbas introduced him to the Ansar

Al Abbas did not think the Ansar could take care of the Prophet

The Ansar will very young like in there 20s

Al Abbas said are you sure you will take care of Prophet

Because the Ansar would be wanted and killed by everyone

So Ansar took a pledge with everything

Al Abbas and Abu Lahab are very close brothers

Abdullah bin Abbas says we were from the weak and oppressed from Makkah because they were a Muslim Household but they did not announce their Islam

Abdullah bin Abbas mother accepted Islam the same day as Khadija and his mother was good friends with Khadija

Fatima bin Khattab the sister of Umar also accepted Islam with Khadija and the Mother of Abdullah bin Abbas

The Khala of Abdullah bin Abbas whose name was Maymuna bin Harith is the wife of the Prophet and the Prophet married her 6 months after hijra around the time of the treaty of hudaibia

Abdullah bin Abbas are the second youngest sibling he has one younger brother Ubaidullah

During the Battle of Badr Prophet sees his uncle Abbas again

Unfortunately he joined the side of the disbelievers

Because he was forced to fight Muhammad

Umar bin Khattab heard Al Abbas is coming to fight at Badr

Umar said he will kill him

Prophet said O Aba Hafs

And it was the first time Prophet called Umar Aba Hafs so he remembers

He says it is really befitting that an Uncle of the Prophet be struck with a sword

Prophet kept saying it to Umar

Al Abbas was extremely tall and wide

There was no thobe to cover him

Abdullah bin Ubaid offered garment to Al Abbas, the chief of hypocrites

Son of Abdullah bin Ubaid askedfor garment for his father Prophet agreed

After Badr Al Abbas is pacing and tearing up

He laid down and he stayed awake

Prophet heard him groaning while a prisoner

Prophet said loosen the chains on all of the prisoners

All the different tribes came with ransom to free their relatives

No one came to ransom Al Abbas

Prophet was saddened that no one came

Anas bin Malik said some of the Ansar came to the Prophet and said to the Prophet let us ransom Al Abbas because we are related to Al Abbas and he said no

Al Abbas said to the Prophet you know I accepted Islam

Prophet says to him Allah knows that you really are a believer

Allah will free you and reward you

What was apparent you were fighting amongst us

So free yourself and free your cousins

  • Nawfal bin Harith
  • Ateeq bin Abu Talib
  • Utbah

Al Abbas said to the Prophet I don’t have any money

Prophet says where is the money you buried

Al Abbas said how did you know, no body knows

Prophet said ransom yourself with that money

Allah will reward you

Al Abbas said can I use the spoils of war too

Prophet said no

Al Abbas ransomed himself and his cousins 

Allah revealed to the Prophet O Prophet say to those who are in your control of the captives if Allah knows the good in your hearts He will give you something better than that was taken from you and He will forgive and Allah is most forgiving and loving and caring

The above verse was revealed for Al Abbas

Al Abbas said that after Badr Allah gave me 20 servants in place of the 20 I gave to ransom with

Al Abbas hoped for Allah’s forgiveness

Abu Sufayan comes and Abu Lahab says what happened

Abu Sufayan said we found them small and victorious

They killed us and captured us

They were men with them that filled the sky

They could strike us but we could not strike them

The angels

Abu Rafi said I heard and could not contain the joy in my heart

Abu raif jumped up and said I swear by Allah those are the angels

When he did that Abu Lahab beat him almost to death

Um Fadil saw this and took something and hit the head of Abu Lahab

She exposed his skull and the blood came down

She said to Abu Lahab that do you think you can take advantage of him because his master is not here, Al Abbas is not here it may be the cause of his death, he died a week later

Al Abbas comes with his family and officially accepts Islam right before Fath Al Makkah in the year 630

Now everything is set

Prophet said Abbas is from me and I am from him

When Abbas walked into the room he would stand up and kiss him on the forehead

He says This is my uncle

Even though Al Abbas is his uncle he addresses him as Messenger of Allah

Prophet said why should I not say that when you are my uncle and you are what is left of my father and the uncle is like a father

Abbas told the Prophet Abu Sufuyan is a man of pride

He is Muslim but a man of pride

So Abbas said whenever you come to Makkah you announce places of safety

Make the house of Abu Sufuyan a place of safety