The Family and Background of Ibn Amr Al As

Abdullah ibn Amr Al As

the son of Amr ibn As

his father was enemy of Prophet

Prophet made dua against his father 

Allah revealed an Ayah in Surah Ali Imran

It is not for you Muhammad to decide who Allah will punish or forgive

Amr Al as becomes Muslim 8 years after Hijr when Khalid become Muslim

Amr Al As was good friends with Khalid bi Waleed 

Amr Al as conquers Oman, Syria, and Egypt and spreads Islam 

Amr Al as is 12 years older than his son 

Amr Al as and his son were like friends 

Amr Al as is a big man who michored very early

Abdullah ibn Amr Al as accepted Islam 1 year before his father 

Abdullah lives in Madinah 

He name was Al as which means the disobedient one 

Prophet changed it to Abdullah 

In Egypt where Amr Al as was in charge 

Abdullah lost to Christian slave in a camel race then Abdullah hit him

They both went to Umar and Umar said to Christian lash him and his father