The Family and Background of Ibn Umar

There are many children named Abdullah bin Umar after him 

it is a very common name

the son of Umar bin Khattab 

Ibn Umar was born a year after the Prophet received revelation 

Ibn Umar was 10 years old when Hijra was made 

He is the same age as Ibn Abbas

He grows up the entire life of Prophet 

Umar was proud member of Quresh than made 180

Umar was still in his 20s when he accepted Islam 

When Umar accepted Islam Abdullah bin Masud said it is day of victory

Muslims could now publicly proclaim there Islam 

Leaders came to fight Umar but Umar pushed them aside 

Umar had three wives in which one accepted Islam 

The one who accepted Islam was Zainab bin Mazoom 

Zainab accepted Islam with Umar Abdullah and Hafsa 

She stayed with Umar from that point onwards and died early on 

Abdullah accepted Islam before his father but what people meant he took the pledge at Hudaibia before Umar

Naf is the freed slave of Ibn Umar