The Family and Background of Ibn Zubair

He had the most noble family

Abdullah Ibn Zubair Ibn Awwam Ibn Khulaylid 

He is related to the prophet through Khadija

His grandfather is Abu Bakr 

His mother is Asma Bint Abu Bakr

His Kunya is Abu Bakr

His grandmother is Saffaih Bint Abdul Mutalib who was a believer 

Saffiyah is the first women to strike the enemies of Islam

His father is Zubair who is the 10 promised paradise

Talha and Zubair are the neighbors of the Prophet in Jannah

Prophet's disciple is Zubair who was first man to draw the sword for the Prophet

Saffiyah was one of the younger aunts of the Prophet

Saffiyah was close in age to Hamza and Hamza is same age as the Prophet 

Saffiyah marries Harith Al Harb the father of Abu Sufyan

Saffiyah has 3 children including Zubair 

Saffiyah raises her children all by herself 

Saffiyah was a very tough mother 

Saffiyah used to be rough on Zubair and made him do heavy tasks 

She disciplined Zubair harshly

Saffiyah wanted Zubair to be brave like a Falcon 

Zubair grows up extremely strong at a very young age

Zubair cares for his family before teen years

Prophet mentions Fatima and Saffiah most beloved to him

Saffiyah rejected Islam initially 

Zubair accepted Islam through Abu Bakr as a teenager 

Nufal the brother of Khadija would torture Zubair and very severely 

Zubair comes running to the Prophet and carrying a sword

Prophet said what are you doing

Zubair said I heard someone attacked you 

That was the first sword raised for the cause of Islam 

Saffiah accepts Islam the same day as Hamza 

Ibn Zubair says on the battle of the trench Umar ibn Salim were in the fort with the women and the children 

Then Banu Quradah came to kill the women and the children 

Saffiah grabbed a pole and smacked the person dead 

Then everyone ran away 

A strong father and grandmother 

Ibn Zubair said he saw the whole battle of the trench and it was the greatest day of his life

Zubair is in charge of the army of Badr 

Talha ibn Abdali who was huge and calling who will duel with him in battle and Zubair said I will

Saffiah said to Prophet he will kill him

Prophet said no he will kill him

Prophet said that is Ibn Saffiah 

Asma Bint Abu Bakr is the oldest daughter and one of the first 10 people to accept Islam 

Asma is the possessor of the two waist belts because the carried the food and the water and was 8, 9 months pregnant 

Asma stands up to Umar before he accepted while she is 8, 9 months pregnant 

Abu Bakr wanted his daughters who struggled for the sake of Allah

Asma and Abdullah and Zubair lived in very rough times

When Zubair got married he had nothing but a camel and a horse 

Because he went on battles with the camel and horse 

Prophet saw Asma carrying stones on her head and he felt sorry for her

Asma did not know how to bake bread and other women helped her

Prophet saw the poverty of Zubair and gifted him

Prophet called Asma to sit on his camel but she felt shy

Zubair said you carrying stones on your head was worse for me than you sitting on Prophet's camel

Asma would get blisters on her hands 

Asma lived this life of hardship until Abu Bakr gave her a maid 

Then Asma felt like she was freed from slavery

Asma was sitting with her father when Prophet received revelation 


Prophet frequently praised Zubair who was a fierce warrior

Zubair and Khalid fought with two swords 

And it was a very heavy swords