The Forerunners, The Trendsetters, The Strangers, The Revivers, The Distinguished

They rush to do good deeds 

They are in constant competition with themselves and one another

Prophet said rush to do good deeds 

Allah says so in Quran too

These people do not wait for anyone

These people are self motivated to please their Lord

These people are directly under the shade of Allah's Throne 

These are seven categories of people 

The first people to enter Jannah

Allah mentions these people twice in Surah Waqiah

They rushed to Allah in this life and so they will be rushed to Allah in next life

There will be a driver and witness guiding you towards Allah 

After the grave they will be taken immediately under the shade 

They are the first to respond to good 

The ones who joined first are not like those who joined afterwards 

When you hear of a good in any form you respond right away 

What do you do run or hesitate? 

You kindle your light for the hereafter in this world 

They are constantly in that pursuit towards Allah

They are the first to run away from evil 

the first ones to the masjid 

the trendsetters are another group of forerunners 

You set the trend and people follow you in that trend 

Another group are the strangers 

Islam came as something strange and it will return to being strange

Glad tidings to the strangers or Al Ghuraba 

They rectify themselves when everyone else is corrupt

Be in this world as if you are a stranger or a traveller by Ibn Umar

If you wake up in the morning do not except the evening 

If you reach evening do not expect to reach the morning 

Putting your hereafter in front of you 

There is a valley in paradise for the strangers 

They rectify the corruption in society as well 

the majority is not always good 

Another group are the revivers or mujadid 

the one who revives the sunnah 

Every 100 years Allah sends a reviver to bring people back to sunnah

What was lost from the deen 

They revive different elements of the religion that were lost 

Umar ibn Abdul Aziz revived the practice of Justice 

The practice of his grandfather Umar bin Al Khattab 

Salahuddin is a reviver 

People that notice things that are missing from sunnah and bring it back

People of Taqwa become Ghuraba when they avoid popular sins 

Mohsin is Ghuraba even among people of taqwa

Mohsin go above and beyond what other people will not 

To be a true Mohsin you must be a person of taqwa first 

Another group are the distinguished