The Miracle Baby Ibn Zubair

When the Muslims got to Madinah they could not have children 

Some people of Madinah claimed a spell was put on them 

Asma gave birth to Abdullah three months after hijrah

He was the first child to be born in Madinah 

Abu Bakr carried Abdullah running through streets yelling Allah Akbar 

All the Muslims were relieved 

Ibn Zubair represents that turning point 

When Abdullah was born Abu Bakr made Azan in his ear 

Prophet saw a lamp turn on in Asma's house and his face lit up in joy

He knew the baby was born 

Prophet looked for dates to do Tahneek 

Prophet went to house and put child in his lap

Prophet named him Abdullah the day he was born

Prophet gave tahneek to Abdullah with aiwa dates

Abdullah did not cry in the lap of the Prophet 

Prophet took the dates and mixed with his saliva 

Zubair has Abdullah give bayah to the Prophet as a child

Zubair and Talha are best friends 

Talha named his children after Prophets 

Zubair named his children after warriors

Zubair's Kunya is Abu Bakr

Ibn Zubair's first words was sword 

This was Ibn Zubair's quality from beginning bravery

Ibn Zubair narrated 2 Hadith from the age of 3

Ibn Zubair remembered very well from the Prophet

Ibn Zubair was the youngest Hadith interpreter 

Ayesha said Prophet would gift Abdullah nice clothes 

Zubair was like a bodyguard for the Prophet then Abdullah would come running behind him as a child

His brother Urwa was dedicated to fiqh and Abdullah was on battelfield

Zubair has 3 children Abdullah Urwa and Musab

The three brothers dream about who they will be 

Urwa wishes to be a scholar

Abdullah wishes for Jannah

the other brother wished to rule ummah

There was no one more beloved to Ayesha after her husband and father who is Abdullah 

Ayesha wanted Kunya and Prophet called her Umm Abdullah 

Abdullah was like a son to Ayesha 

the most famous incident with Ibn Zubair was when Prophet did cupping and when it was done Abdullah was there

Prophet handed Abdullah the blood and he told Abdullah to dispose it in a place no one will see you

Ibn Zubair goes and comes back 

Prophet said what did you do O Abdullah

7 year old Abdullah said I put it in a place where no one will find it

Prophet said did you drink it

Abdullah said yes and he was the only one who did that 

Prophet said Abdullah will have a very difficult life because the Prophet was tested the most 

The strength of Abdullah came from the blood of the Prophet he drank 

Ibn Zubair is the youngest of the Abdillah 

Ibn Zubair and his father do not have much Hadith 

Zubair did not have much Hadith because he feared speak lie about Prophet 

Ibn Zubair would say after every salah the fourth kalimah which he heard from the prophet 

You can kill someone who harms the people and kills them 

Fighting against oppression