The Quran is in Perfect Order

Thought Process of the Quran

  • All we can do with the word of Allah is ponder, wonder, & inquire
  • Whatever we conclude we say Allah knows best
  • This is not the only reason why the Quran is so great
  • Every Ayah of the Quran is a vast ocean
  • You pull one thing out from the ocean but it is not the only thing
  • You do not have to agree with anybody
  • Each person finds their own gems
  • It is an human endeavor of pondering over the Quran
  • This endeavor started with the Sahaba
  • They did not hate each other over these differences
  • There are ayat about ibadah which are timeless
  • There are ayat about creation which have different perspectives

Why the Quran is Beautiful?

  • Everything said is a great exhaustions of the human mind
  • Human effort is subject to error
  • You go to the ocean and each person dives in and find pearls
  • Another person finds something else
  • Third person says forget pearls I found something awesome
  • I do not even have a word for it yet
  • Jurist, Historian, politicians, each study the Quran and find miracles
  • Laws, history, language, scientific phenomena, tajweed
  • It is a miracles for none of them and all of the all at the same time
  • We will never know the Quran
  • We can only think about the Quran
  • Because we are struggling to reach a conclusion
  • It is only Allah who truly knows


  • Comes from the word sawra
  • A really sharp eyesight and view
  • A long reaching view
  • A big wall that surrounds a city and it is hard to climb
  • The walls protect from intruders
  • To be on top of a large scaling wall
  • There is a lot going on inside a surah
  • Everything works together and comes together
  • Everything inside a surah is interconnected
  • It becomes more beautiful when everything works together to create a scene

How is the Quran organized?

  • The Quran is made of 114 surahs
  • Some are makki and some are madani
  • 2/3 of the Quran is Makki
  • 1/3 is Madani
  • The Quran is not in chronological order
  • The Quran is not in revelation order
  • The Quran is not in subject order
  • The Quran is not in size order
  • The Quran is in perfect order
  • The Quran has its own standard
  • The sahaba came to an agreement on the order of the Quran
  • The Quran is in the order Allah intended it to be
  • The Quran is in Divine order and Symmetrical order
  • All Praise and Thanks belongs to Allah
  • Who crafted things in the most perfect way and the most perfect order
  • Who made things in subtle craft
  • The one who puts things in the most perfect place
  • I send prayers and salutations on the one who was aided by Allah
  • with the most eloquent of all speech.
  • This is the book I wrote to show you how the Quran is in Perfect Order
  • The one who created this universe and knew where to place the earth
  • And to place the sun and the stars
  • The one who knew where to place the fingers of the human being
  • The one who knew where to place every portion of my brain
  • Where to put my nose and where to put my mouth
  • Does not know where to put the surahs of the Quran
  • And He left that to me. No I cannot accept it
  • I think the Quran is the perfect and best speech ever
  • How can the Quran be the best speech and it is not organized, impossible
  • May Allah forgive all those who disagree with me

3 kinds of Arguments

  1. Historical
    1. Quran came down in 23 years
    2. It is being memorized
    3. Prophet recited the entire Quran twice
    4. Zaid ibn Thabbit was with the Prophet
    5. Quran is to be compiled in book form in time Abu Bakr
    6. Zaid ibn Thabbit is in charge of it
    7. Zaid ibn Thabbit is evidence that Quran is in order Prophet recited
    8. It is impossible to have agreement on one order
    9. There are thousands of sahaba
    10. 114 surahs and a lot of sequences possible
    11. there is not one alternative sequence
    12. sometimes Prophet mixed up the surahs in salah
    13. sahaba also mixed the reading of Quran
    14. there is no discussion on what order of surahs should be
    15. because it is clear to sahaba that it comes from Prophet
    16. When it comes from Prophet it is divine
    17. Sahaba had agreement because they knew it to be from Allah
  2. Quran
    1. Surah 75 Qiyamah
      1. No doubt about it our responsibility it is to gather it and get it recited
      2. It is entirely on Allah to put the Quran in perfect order
    2. Surah 85 Burooj
      1. That written document is protected in a fort
      2. The Quran in written form and recited form
  • It is a majestic Quran in guarded tablet
  1. What you are reciting here is identical to guarded tablet
  2. The spoken is identical to a written
  3. Tablets are considered solid
  • You engraving on a tablet
  • You cannot change anything on tablet
  1. It is written on stone
  1. Surah Isra 17
    1. It begins with one ayah that does not end with Alif
    2. 110 ayahs end with alif
  • it begins with subhan
  1. last ayah is takbeer
  2. He took his slave away at night
  3. The Messenger travelled to get the message
  • Both called slave
  • It is about Jews
  1. Story of Adam mentioning iblis as arrogant
  2. Jews are arrogant
  3. Three ways to know Allah
  • Jews did shirk and brought Allah down
  1. Surah Kahf 18
    1. Ha 110 ayah with alif
    2. It begins with Alhamdulillah
  • It ends with la illah ha ila Allah
  1. the Message travelled to the Messenger
  2. both called slave
  3. it is about Christians
  • Story of Adam mentioning iblis as Jinn
  • Christians are humble
  1. Three ways to know Allah
    1. Names
    2. Revelation
    3. Creation
  2. Christians did shirk took Jesus and brought him up