The Scholar of this Nation Ibn Masood

The nickname of Ibn Masood was the Scholar of the Ummah

He was scared to give fatwa and give Hadith 

A man asked Ibn Masood a question and Ibn Masood answered

If a person injected milk from his son is he is wife 

Al Ashari said no

A person who answers every question is crazy

People asked him about a drink 

I have not drank anything for two years except water and saweek

He said ask someone else

A woman visited Ibn Masood every Thursday 

He was very afraid to say Prophet said 

One day he said Prophet said and he started to cry 

He said it might have been something more or less 

There are Hadith with statement from Ibn Masood 

Ibn Masood narrates 900 Hadith 

the way you read a Hadith gives you an expression 

One time Ibn Masood was asked about one who marries a women but Mahr was not specified and they have not concimated the marriage and he died 

Ibn Masood was shaking and said she should have an idda and she has an inheritance 

When he said that I remember Prophet passing the same judgment 

Ibn Masood was relieved and happy  

Ibn Masood had love for sunnah and to teach Hadith properly 

One time he went to sham and kept praying two rakah 

He asked O Allah give me a righteous companion 

He saw a beautiful man and he sat next to him 

it was Abu Darda 

Abu Darda said where did you come from 

He said Kufa 

Abu Darda said go back there with Ibn Masood, Amr Yassir, 

Seeking knowledge to attain attention is haram

to shame ignorant people is haram

to argue with the scholars is haram 

Ibn Masood hated innovations 

Ibn Abbas came with Ibn Masood to the Masjid

Abu Musa came and looked concerned 

He saw in the masjid group of people had rocks in their hand and there were doing tasbeeh

Ibn Masood went there picked up the rocks and through 

Ibn Masood said it will be better for you to count your sins 

Ibn Masood looked at the hearts of people and he found the heart of the Prophet was the best to carry revelation

The hearts of the Sahaba were best after for representative of the Prophet

Ibn Masood had many students 

Ibn Masood passed by Kufa and young men were drunk

They were having a party and another guy got up and started to sing

Ibn Masood saw him and said what a beautiful if only he used that voice to read the Quran 

the man broke his instrument and ran to Ibn Masood and started to cry

He became one of the greatest students of Ibn Masood

Ibn Masood had good expectation for the people 

In Kufa there was a man whose beard was soaked in wine 

He was brought to Ibn Masood to punish him

Ibn Masood said we cannot implement hudood unless he does it publicly 

It would be better if he repented 

Ibn Masood said if I mocked a dog I am afraid Allah will turn me into a dog 

Ibn Masood had incredible humility 

Ibn Masood is in the marketplace and he got robbed 

Everyone got angry and upset 

Ibn Masood tells everyone to stop and settle down 

O Allah if he was a poor man bless him in what he stole from me

O Allah compensate for my tragedy and give me better than that 

Prophet said The closet to Allah are those who get to masjid first 

People would go to Ibn Masood asking for his companionship 

Ibn Masood said if you knew who I am you would put dirt on my head 

Ibn Masood was constantly consulted by the People 

Teaching people the Quran 

Ibn Masood surrounded himself with small group of people 

they taught the rest of the ummah

He said keep doing hajj and umrah these two remove poverty and sins 

Ibn Masood's saying had to do with Quran

A home with Quran feels vast

A home without Quran feels constricted 

Woe to a man who forgets a surah

Allah caused him to forget 

An example between believer disbeliever and hypocrite is such 

three men who go to edge of valley

believer passes through disbeliever stays back and hypocrites goes down and asks believer to come and believer says come back until hypocrite is destroyed 

Uthman burned the different Qurans and had it gathered in one dialect 

Uthman wanted to solve the fitnah of calling each other disbelievers '

Ibn Masood's mushaf was special he wrote in presence of Uthman 

He initially said no 

Ibn Masood was last person to review Quran with Prophet 

Uthman appeals to Ibn Masood then Ibn Masood eventually agrees to it

Ibn Masood does not write Fatiha fall and was because he believed it was known by all Sahaba