Stories of the Prophets Episode 2: Creation

In the beginning there was only Allah and nothing else besides Him

The first thing Allah created was the Arsh

Then Allah create the pen and told it to write

The pen said what should I write

Allah said write what was and what is going to happen until the final hour

This was 50,000 before the creation

Then Allah created the heavens and the earth

Allah created 7 heavens one top of another with a distance of 500 years in between each of them

Each heaven is like a ring in the desert compared to the one above it

With the throne of Allah being above the 7 heavens 

Allah created everything in 6 days then He rose above the throne

Allah wanted to teach us patience so He created in 6 days

Then Allah created the Jinn from a smokeless fire and air

The Jinn would create corruption on the earth

There were some righteous Jinn as well

Allah had created the angels out of light and they obey Allah

Then Allah decided to create mankind out of dust and water 

The angels were confused why Allah created Man who would cause more corruption on the earth

Allah told the angels I know that which you do not know

They did not know that humans would rise to the occasion and become better then the angels