The Straight Path

The order of the Quran

  • Quran has been revealed to us
  • It looks like it is not in order
  • Allah has His own order for the Quran
  • The Quran has multi-layers
  • Each layer is connected to each other
  • It is like a hologram that are all connected
  • If you tilt it in different ways you see something different
  • It may not seem it is not connected but it is


  • It forces you to reflect over all the ayat of Guidance in the Quran
  • Surah Fatihah Allah talks about Guidance
  • Surah Al Ankaboot Allah talks about Guidance
  • You look at both places
  • Allah talks about Guidance in so many places in the Quran
  • Surah Al Ankaboot it says Those who exert themselves to reach us
    • Allah opens His pathways to them
  • There is a context to different parts of Guidance throughout the Quran
  • In Surah Ankaboot you are exerted to find Allah
  • In Surah Fatihah you find it is the opening chapter

Surah Al Fatihah

  • We read it all the time
  • It is a very short surah with so many lessons and wisdoms
  • Allah teaches us in this Surah to be Grateful to Him
  • To Recognize Allah as the sole provider for everyone and everything
  • Every type of Praise is for Allah whether anyone likes it or not
  • I recognize Allah as Rabb for all nations and people
    • Sustainer, provider, nourishes, maintainer
  • In every world there are many different world
  • There are many types of Angels
    • Angels in each of the sevens heavens
    • Angels that carry Allah’s throne
    • Angels that write down our deeds
    • Angels that listen to the Quran
    • Angel that sends down revelation
  • The World of animals and humans and jinn
  • Allah is the extremely loving and caring right now and always for all
  • Our Meeting is going to be on the day of Judgment
  • There is a balance between Duniya and Akhira in Fatihah
  • You alone we worship and You alone we seek help
  • The biggest help we can ask is for Guidance

The Straight Path

  • A balance within our lives and everything we do in our lives
  • It is the Quran and the life of the Prophet Muhammad
  • Everything Allah told us about balance in the Quran

Fatihah and Ar-Rahman

  • In the Beginning of both surahs is the mention of Ar-Rahman
  • It forces us to reflect over both places where Ar-Rahman is mentioned
  • In Fatihah Allah says He is generally loving and caring for all
  • In Surah Rahman Allah says as a general rahma
    • Allah teaches the Quran
    • Allah created us
    • Allah taught us how to speech
  • In Surah Fatihah Allah says the biggest thing we need is the straight path
  • In Surah Rahman Allah says the biggest thing we need is balance
  • We should not violate this balance that Allah has set for us

The Balance between the Seen World and Unseen World

  • Allah is the knower of the seen and the unseen
  • We only see part of one seen world
  • In Surah Baqarah Allah says it is guidance for
    • Those who believe in the unseen
    • Establish salah
    • Give zakah
  • We put our faith in the unseen world and pray in the seen world

The Balance between The Duniya and the Akhira

  • In Surah Qasas Allah says The next world is better than this world
  • Be good and do not forget your portion of this world
  • We live in this world but we must also be connected to the next world
  • People leave their salah for money and this world life
  • Some people just pray salah and forget this world
  • We must have a balance


  • Abu Darda comes home and after Isha he offered nafl prayers
  • His wife complained to Prophet that Abu Darda has no time for me
  • Prophet sent Salman Al Farsi to Abu Darda as a guest
  • Salman tells Abu Darda
    • fast and eat
    • pray and sleep
    • give time to your wife
  • Abu Darda complained to the Prophet
  • The Prophet said Salman Al Farsi spoke the truth

Your eye as a right over you

You body has a right over you

You family has a right over you

You Lord has a right over you

How do I know I am balanced?

  • Look in the Quran
  • Look in the Seerah of the Prophet who was balanced
  • Be in the company of those who are balanced in deen and duniya

What if you break the Balance?

  • You will always suffer

We must balance our wealth

  • If we spend too much you broke the balance
  • 17:29 Do not put your hands tied to the back of your head
  • Do not say that I am not going to spend
  • We must be a little generous
  • Do not stretch out your arms too much
  • Do not spend too much
  • You spend and keep some
  • You save some and spend some
  • Some people save and never spend
  • When you need to spend then you should spend
  • 25:67 Allah loves those who spend moderately
  • If you are too sweet than people will swallow you and use you
  • If you are too bitter than people will spit you out
  • We must remain in between
  • Do not get too sweet or too bitter
  • Ali Imran 159 If you were harsh hearted they would run away from you
  • 17:74 Allah kept Prophet firm, so we don’t incline too much that way

The Balance between Love and Hate

  • Do not love or hate too much
  • I love my beloved moderately lest my beloved becomes my enemy
  • I hate the one I hate moderately lest that person becomes beloved to you
  • Prophet loved Ayesha moderately
    • When there was an argument Prophet was able to maintain his position
  • The man is sitting at home and his wife is spending from his money
  • Man does not say anything
  • The women is home and she gives too much love to husband
  • The husband just sits there
  • Parents give too much love and let them play video games all day
  • If you cannot get someone to listen to you
    • Its because you put yourself in a weak position
    • Because you gave too much love
  • One part of the world there is too much love
  • Another part too less love
  • Both are suffering for different reasons
  • A Man gave everything to his wife and one day she says she is not happy
    • Because he gave too much
    • He made it too sweet
  • If you make it too sweet then you do not want to taste anything sour
  • If you taste sour then something else does not taste so good
  • We must have a balance

The Balance in our Emotions

  • We must not get too angry
  • Some people get too much angry and let everything out like hulk
  • Some people get angry and just swallow it and do nothing about it
  • When you get angry you have a right to get angry
  • You should get your rights
  • Prophet had to stand his grounds
  • There are lines that you do not cross when making your stand
  • Sahaba asked questions
  • Some are good questions and some are silly questions
  • Hadith of Jibril
    • Jibril came and asked the right questions
    • Because sahaba were afraid to ask questions
    • Then they were encouraged again to ask questions

A Balanced Life

  • We live in a environment where everything is skewed to the left
  • We live in a capitalist society
  • We live in a world where money is everywhere
    • Money is everything
  • People have lost their balanced
  • People are too free
  • We are a slave of Allah

The Balance Within ourselves

  • We have needs inside us
  • We have rights and responsibilities come with it too

Where is balance found?

  • Quran
  • Allah starts the Quran by saying That book there is no doubt
  • Allah says that because He is referring to That Straight path
  • That straight path we asked for in Fatihah
  • That straight path is this book the Quran
  • We also need to follow the life of Prophet Muhammad
  • Prophet was in every aspect in his life
  • Prophet balanced everything in his life

Capitalist Society

  • People are driven by money
  • We need money but we need to live to
  • Working long hours and no time with yourself is not healthy
  • The people working long hours earn good money but the connection with their family is not there
  • They themselves are drained
  • They became imbalanced

What do we need?

  • We can go for a less package
  • So we can be more happier
  • Simple life is always better
  • The sunnah is simple
  • You can get a chair but you want a comfortable seat
  • You work so hard for such luxuries
  • We set the bar so high
  • We don’t need so much food or drinks
  • The more simpler your life is the happier you are
  • The list never ends
  • We want expensive brand name items for other people to rate you
  • You do not need entertainment like movies and songs
  • Make the Quran your entertainment
  • Prophet found his greatest peace in salah it was the coolness of eyes
    • The apple of his eyes
  • Nothing will fill the stomach of man except the dust of his or her grave
  • Work enough, have enough, and live your life as a happy person

What is Happiness?

  • Smiling and laughing is temporary
  • True happiness is of the heart and not the face
  • When you are happy you are happy inside
  • People are so happy on social media but in reality they are so sad
  • The only happiness is through the zikr of Allah
  • Through entertainment people are looking to be happy
  • 13:28 Those who believe they are content with zir of Allah
    • only through the zikr of Allah will you find long term peace

Who are balanced?

  • Prophets
  • Truthful
  • Martyrs
  • Righteous