Transformation and Life with the Prophet Ibn Amr

Prophet saw Abdullah wearing saffron colored garments

Prophet said has your family told you to wear them

Abdullah said should I change it

Prophet said no you should burn it because it is the clothes of Kuffar 

Abdullah was tall and reddish complexion 

He had a really big stomach 

Abdullah changes very fast 

He takes too much at once 

He memorized the entire Quran in One year first year of being Muslim

He recognized Scholars among the Sahaba and loved them

He loved Abdullah ibn Musud

Prophet said to take Quran from Ibn Masud Saad Salim 

Abdullah had a great love for Hadith 

He memorized over 1,000 Hadith and wrote it down 

Prophet did not want Sahaba to write down the Hadith in beginning 

So it would not get mixed up with the Quran than later He encouraged it

Quresh said Do you write down everything Prophet says

Abdullah stopped and he told Prophet

Prophet said nothing tells him that everything that comes from my tongue is the truth so write

Abdullah was very knowledgeable in Hadith

Hadith collection in the last stages of the Prophet was written

The ultimate documentation of Hadith was Ibn Amr's book

His book was called the truthful tablet

Written and hearing everything he heard from the Prophet

Ibn Amr took his book everywhere he went

Ibn Amr would open box it was locked in and read Hadith from there

Ibn Amr was afraid of book being lost

Ibn Amr panicked when someone put his hands on the truthful book

This truthful book is included in the Musnad of Imam Ahmad

Ibn Amr settled in Egypt when it was still developing in Islamic Sciences

At that time Egypt was not like Madinah with all knowledge and Sahaba

Ibn Amr gave a dua from Prophet adkar in morning and evening

that Prophet taught Abu Bakr

Whoever lies on behalf of Prophet intentionally let him choose his place in hell

Ibn Amr is the narrator of this Hadith

Ibn Amr had knowledge of the Scriptures from before

Prophet used to relate the tradition of Bani Israel throughout the night until Fajr

Ibn Amr narrates the traditions of Bani Israel

We do not believe them completely nor deny them altogether

unless it contradicts the religion

Ibn Amr begins scholar in the previous scriptures

Ibn Amr found descriptions of Prophet in previous scriptures just like in Quran

Ayesha used to refer some of her students to Ibn Amr

Ibn Amr was recognized by many of the companions

Ibn Amr asks Ibn Abbas what is your favorite ayah

Ibn Amr favorite is Surah Zumar ayah 53

Ibn Abbas favorite is Surah Baqarah where Ibrahim says to Allah show me How you give life and death 

Ibn Amr feared hellfire a lot and ayat of Surah Zumar gave him hope 

Ibn Amr wanted to change everything 

Anas bin Malik narrated that three men came to wife of Prophet and ask about Ibadah of Prophet 

The wife of the Prophet said he eats with them and talks with them and is intimate with them 

Those three men said He is the Prophet one man said I will not marry women and the other said I will pray all night and third said I will fast everyday 

Prophet said I pray and sleep I fast and break my fast and I marry women 

Sunnah is to do everything in moderation

Ibn Amr said he will pray all night 

Mikdar said I will fast everyday 

Uthman bin Mathnoon said I will not marry women 

Ibn Amr was told to slow down 

Ibn Amr was married to very beautiful women and religious and status 

Prophet said to pray 2 rakah first night of wedding 

Ibn Amr read the entire Quran on his wedding night with his wife 

He is so indulged in his Ibadah and had no time for his wife

His wife said he is a great worshipper 

His wife said he has no need for this life 

Amr Al As goes to Prophet to complain about Ibn Amr

Prophet calls Ibn Amr and said what am I being told 

Prophet said do not do that 

Pray and sleep fast and eat You body has right upon your wife has a right upon you

It is enough to fast 3 days of the month Ayat ul Bead

Ibn Amr said let me do more 

Prophet said fast 2 more days a week Monday and Thursday

Ibn Amr said I can do more

Prophet said fast the fast of Dawood fasting every other day

Best Qiyam is Qiyam of Dawood

Sleep in first half of the night and pray in last third and sleep last sixth 

Prophet said finish Quran once a week 

Ibn Amr said I can do more

Prophet said do it once every 3 days or you will not understand it 

Ibn Amr had to be restricted and restrained 

Abu Talha fasted everyday except two days

Uthman bin Affan recited whole Quran twice a day 

Abu Bakr gave all of his wealth in sadaqa 

But these were not the norm 

Kaab ibn Malik could not give all his money in sadaqa 

Prophet said O Abdullah Bin Amr do not be like someone who used to pray and stopped it altogether