Transitions in the Quran

Surah Al Hujarat

  • If Groups A & B are fighting then C should make peace
  • If A fights B again then B & C should fight A
  • If A wants peace again then C should judge with justice and fair
  • Adl and kist
  • This is when Muminoon are fighting
  • It is embarrassing when we are fighting each other
  • The peace agreement is made in private
  • If you fight again then next agreement is in public
  • How you live your life?
  • How you earn your money?
  • Live your lives with justice

Surah Ali Imran

  • Battle of Uhud
  • Muslims suffered a lot
  • Allah put us through this scenario so he can cleanse those who believe
  • When you purify gold
  • Gold is melted turned into liquid and the impurities come to the top
  • The dirt withers away and you get pure gold
  • Believers cannot be cleaned until they are put to the flames
  • The flames of war
  • The hypocrites are impurities who exposed themselves at uhud
  • Allah called the sahaba Gold

Surah Al Baqarah

  • There are three groups
  • One group failed
  • The second group is teacher’s assistant
  • The third group are the ones who take the test tomorrow
  • All three can hear each other
  • The teacher has 3 conversations, which has an effect on each group
  • Bani Israel, Prophets, and Ummah all in one ayah
  • I gave you shade with clouds
  • We sent on to you manna and salwa
  • Eat and drink from the things I provided you
  • They did not wrong Me, they only wronged themselves
  • Half the ayah is about Bani Israel
  • Half the ayah is about us
  • Watch it we are next 


  • They will be eating fruits and they will be enjoying themselves
  • They feel secure protected and happy
  • It is distant in terms of time and space
  • Eat and drink care free
  • we travel through time and now we are sitting in Jannah
  • half the ayah is in the future
  • the other half of the ayah we time travel to the future
  • Imagine yourself in the future
  • Eat and drink because of the good things you did
  • Which is now the present, we must do more good deeds
  • The real gift of the ayah is talking to Allah
  • You should praise people as well
  • Do not be cheap in giving compliments


  • They say Ar Rahman took a son
  • You have come forward with something hideous
  • Why switch from they to you
  • There are two students who cheated on the test
  • Teacher says some people think they can get away with teaching
  • Then the teacher mentions a name
  • Quran has its own standard
  • This iltifat is incorrect in other languages

Surah al Yunus

  • He Allah is the one who makes things easy for you on the land and sea
  • Until the time when you board on to ships
  • And then the ships start sailing away with them with good winds
  • And they are very happy with the winds
  • Beautiful breeze, sunny skies
  • All of a sudden a tornado, hurricane wind attacks them
  • Then the waves start hitting the ship from every direction
  • They realize that they going to be overcome
  • Then they turn to Allah and there is no distraction
  • They say if you were to rescue me, I will be from the grateful

Surah Al Ahzab

  • Muslims are surrounded in the battle of the trench
  • Enemies are coming from both sides
  • They came from above you and below you
  • Allah provides the aerial view
  • When eyes were petrified you would not even blink
  • And you hearts were jumping into your throats
  • And you were making all kind of thought s about Allah
  • Allah was watching with full view what you were doing

Surah Al Baqarah

  • Allah is the wali of those who believe
  • Those who disbelieve their wali are the taghoot
  • Wali is a friend you wants to protect
  • Moula is the one who actually protects you
  • The comparison is between Allah and the believers
  • Comparison between taghoot and disbelievers
  • In most relationships there is primary and secondary
  • Allah is primary between us and Him
  • Taghoot is secondary to disbelievers
  • Allah does not put taghoot in the same place as Himself
  • Allah is changing the sequence of the ayah on purpose

Surah Al Muhammad

  • That is because Allah is the Moula of those who believe
  • The disbelievers have no Moula


  • Was evil intended?

Surah Al Jinn

  • The jinn traveled in the sky
  • They stealed some info from the angels
  • They caused fitnah in the earth
  • They had places in the sky they would hang out
  • When the Quran came down the entire sky was locked down
  • There is an entire army of angels
  • They would be shot down by meteorites and falling skies
  • Jinn are hanging on the earth and the heard the Quran
  • Jinn were amazed by the Quran
  • Jinn immediately recognized the Quran


  • Allah gave an example
    • Believers pay more attention
  • An example was given
    • Disbelievers pay more attention



  • How it is said?
  • Who said it?
  • What is being said?

Past tense vs Present tense

  • I ate a burger
  • I eat a burger
  • Past tense happen only one time
  • Present tense happens continuously
  • Dream of Ibrahim and dream of Yusuf
  • Ibrahim says I see in my dream I am slaughtering you
  • Yusuf says I saw 11 stars the sun and moon
  • Whoever killed by mistake
  • Whoever kills on purpose
  • Every person will be paid
    • Humans view of time
  • Every person was paid
    • Allah’s view of time
    • Allah’s knowledge is certain

Different ways of saying no

  • If you are Pakistani you are at someone house
    • They say some tea, you say no
    • Which means yes hurry up
  • No means yes
  • No means absolutely no
  • La means No
  • There is not room for any doubt
  • There is some room for doubt
  • Raba, shafatun, bauon, khulatun, iqraha
  • La ila ha il Allah

Dua of Ibrahim

  • Make this a peaceful city
  • Make this city peaceful
  • Bring peace and fruits to this city
    • To have a stable society
    • Strong economy and law and order
    • You could be robbed or you have no job
    • Problems, resistance to government

Forgiving and Loving and caring every time

Loving and caring and forgiving

Ayah is about the knowledge of Allah

In the Quran Allah makes an association with His Ilm and Rahmah


He knows what comes out down from the sky and what goes up to the sky

Physical up and down and spiritual up and down

When going into the ground we look for Allah love and care

When coming out of the ground we look for Allah forgiveness


Rahim Ghafoor is about all creation

Ghafoor Rahim is primarily about humans