Umm Salamah (Hind bint Abi Ummayyah)

She had the most heart break throughout her story before and after the Prophet

Her name is Hind Bint Abi Ummayyah 

She comes from tribe of Bani Maqzoom

This tribe was very tribe and would compete with Quresh 

Waleed Bin Mughirah is the uncle of Umm Salamah who Allah spoke out against 

Waleed was very arrogant 

Abu Jahl is the first cousin of Umm Salamah 

Abu Jahl's son Iqramah dies as a martyr 

A very important and big tribe

Her Father is Abu Ummayyah bin Mughirah 

Her Father was very generous and took care of everyone in his caravan 

He was a famous merchant and a very educated man 

Her mother is Atika bin Amr

Through her mother Umm Salamah is related to the Prophet 

Abu Jahl and brother of Umm Salamah tells Abu Talib to die on kufr 

Allah guided the brother of Umm Salamah and he is buried in Baqi

Amr bin Yasir is brother of Umm Salamah child of first martyrs

Hind means Indian

She was called Hind because she was to be a very elegant women

It was a very popular name

She was 28 years before the Hijra

She lived a very lavished life while growing up

She was literate intelligent and wise

She was very similar to Khadija and left all of that for Allah in Makkah

Umm Salamah and Abu Salamah accepted Islam early on

They were the first to migrate to Abyssinia and Madinah

They had four children 

Salamah their son married the daughter for Hamza 

Umar second son and becomes companion of prophet 

Zainab daughter of Umm Salamah was scholar of Islam 

Zainab married Abdullah bin Zamaa 

Dura daughter of Umm Salamah 

Abu Salamah is brother of Prophet 

Abu Salamah is from tribe of Banu Asad

Abu Salamah is the son of the aunt of the Prophet and daughter of Abdul Mutalib 

Umm Salamah took the first and second migration to Abyssinia 

Umm Salamah witnessed all that first hand and narrated to us 

Umm Salamah left for Hijra and she had Salamah 

While getting on camel her own tribe came and took Umm Salamah 

Abu Salamah can go 

Abu Salamah made Hijra by himself initially 

Then Banu Asad came to the house of Umm Salamah and said you can go

Salamah has to stay with them who was just a baby his shoulders got dislocated 

For an entire year she did not know what happened to Abu Salamah and Salamah 

Everyday Umm Salamah would cry everyday for an year 

She had great trust in Allah and went everyday facing Kaaba and making dua

A man came who was not related to her and helped her from Banu Mughirah 

She can go be with her Husband in Madinah 

Then they finally released her baby 

She left by herself to Madinah with her child 

Uthman bin Talha accompanied Umm Salamah to Madinah 

He was caretaker of the Kaaba and had the keys of the Kaaba 

Uthman bin Talha had a lot of Adab and honor 

Abu Salamah died from a wound in Battle of Uhud

Before the death of Abu Salamah they made promise to not marry again

Abu Salamah made dua to Allah for Umm Salamah to marry after him

with someone better then Abu Salamah

Abu Salamah taught Umm Salamah a dua from the Prophet

Prophet came to visit Abu Salamah before he died and made dua for him  

Prophet put his fingers on eyes of Abu Salamah and closed his eyes 

Abu Salamah dies as a martyr 

Prophet did takbeer 9 times at his Janaza 

the second major tragedy within 3 years 

Umm Salamah would make dua and say who would be better than Abu Salamah 

She turned down the proposal of Abu Bakr 

Umar came and she turned him down as well 

Some people suggested to marry the daughter of Hamza but he was his brother

Umm Salamah married Prophet in Shawwal in 4th year after Hijra 

the marriage soften the heart of Khalid bin Waleed her cousin 

After 3 days of marriage Prophet said you are not insignificant 

If you want I will stay with you 7 days but he will have to do the same for other wives

Umm Salamah said no its ok 

Ayesha got jealous and snuck out to see Umm Salamah 

She saw that she was very beautiful and her character was great 

She went to Hafsa and she says Did you say Umm Salamah 

Hafsa said you are just being jealous 

Hafsa saw Umm Salamah and said she is not that beautiful 

Ayesha went to Umm Salamah again and saw that Hafsa was right 

Prophet said Umm Salamah and her children are from Ahle Bayt

Umm Salamah said Prophet had Khushu in his salah

Prophet kissed Umm Salamah even while fasting

Umm Salamah gave advice to Prophet during treaty of Hudaibi 

When Sahaba did not obey the Prophet 

Umm Salamah said you do it first then your Sahaba will follow 

When Prophet passes away she said that she did not believe Prophet died

until he was buried because of the love of the Prophet 

Umm Salamah narrates the will of the Prophet

Umm Salamah narrates the best are those best to their wives 

Umm Salamah said you spoke the truth O Prophet 

Umm Salamah said why are women not mentioned in Quran like the men

Prophet was quiet and Prophet recited Ayat from Quran Ahzab Ayah 35

Umm Salamah is from the second category of the Muftis of the companions

she teaches us much Fiqh of Salah purity hajj

She narrated 378 Hadith

She narrates the dua of Prophet that he made most frequently

She advises Prophet Abu Bakr Umar and Uthman  

Umm Salamah addresses in letter to Ayesha and calls her Mothers of Believers

Umm Salamah narrates Hadith about Amr bin Yasir when his parents were killed

Umm Salamah tried to settle things down and mentioned virtues of Ali

Umm Salamah lived until the reign. of Yazeed 

when Hussein was killed Umm Salamah was so grieved that she died shortly after

She died year 59-62 between the age of 85 and 90 years

She was the last of the Mothers of the Believers 

Umm Salamah kept lock of hair of Prophet which is still today

Abu Huraira led janaza of Umm Salamah 

Salamah and Umer both attended her janaza 

Umm Salamah had a freed servant girl by name of Khaira

She learned from Umm Salamah and stayed with her even when freed 

Umm Salamah cared for a child and her mother was khaira 

That child was Imam Hasan Al Basri