Verbal Idioms in the Quran

In language there are different ways of saying something

For instance we have…

I give

  • To give something like a gift

I give up

  • Meaning I quit

The meaning changes completely in the above two set of words


  • To see


  • A construction for a web developer
  • A website for a computer expert


  • An accounting journal
  • An academic journal
  • A personal journal
  • It means different things to different people

Language is alive and dynamic and it has different figures of speech

Figures of Speech

  • Its cool, its popping, its cracking meaning its awesome
  • Its cool is also talking about the weather
  • Words are not meant literally
  • What’s up meaning what is above you
  • Whats up meaning how are you
  • Allah uses figures of speeches in the Quran

Coolness of the Eyes

  • Shedding tears of joy
  • Finding relief from a storm
  • When something stays in one place

Warmness of the Eyes

  • Used to curse someone
  • Meaning may you suffer sadness
  • May you shed tears of sadness


  • There are two mothers
  • One mother is saying bye to her son
  • And mother welcoming her son
  • The one saying bye to her son has warm eyes
  • The one welcoming her son has cool eyes
  • When Arabs would travel in the desert they would wear heavy clothes wrapping themselves
  • But he cannot cover his eyes because he needs to see
  • Then there is a sand storm and his eyes are warm he cant see
  • Then he finds a cave and he can open his eyes and his eyes are cool

An assassin once said the eyes of my people will stay warm and the blood of my sword will cool them

Surah Al Furqan

  • O Allah give us from our Spouses and children the coolness of our eyes
  • Our spouses and children are a refuge from the storm
  • The outside world is a storm and the house is a relief from the storm
  • When you come back home to your spouses and children you find relief
  • And your eyes are cooled
  • We feel safe and the storm cannot hit us anymore
  • We want a happy house
  • We cry tears of joy looking at our spouses and children

Musa’s Mother

  • She threw her baby in the water
  • Her eyes became warm
  • Then Allah reunited her with her baby
  • Her eyes become cool

The wife of Firawn

  • She is terrified of Firawn
  • Firawn is psychologically and physically abusive
  • She cant call the police because Firawn owns the police and land
  • She discovered baby Musa and brought him to Firawn
  • She said he will be a coolness of the eyes for me and for you
  • Firawn face changes

Musa Speaking with Allah

  • When you meet someone important you want it to last forever
  • You might take a picture to remember it
  • Musa is speaking with Allah
  • Musa can never forget
  • Musa was told by Allah establish salah to remember Allah
  • Prophet said that I have the coolness of my eyes in salah
  • Musa has the most beautiful conversation with Allah to cool his eyes
  • Then he has to have ugly conversation with Firawn and his eyes are warm

Quran should make you cry out of joy

To Lower Your Wings out of humility and love and care

  • A man does not have wings
  • It means to be humble
  • A person is being compared to a bird
  • When a bird raises its wings it is about to fly
  • When a bird lowers its wings it is about to land
  • Lower your wings means come back down to earth
  • When the bird has wings it lowers them
  • A child lowers his or her wings of humility before their parents
  • Our parents did everything for us
  • Children need to be humble before their parents when we grow up
  • When we grow up we have everything but we must lower our wings
  • To our parents because of the love and care they showed children
  • Children must genuinely show love and care to parents
  • Children sacrificing for the parents like parents did for children
  • The roles are reversed

Untie the Knot Afflicting my tongue

  • Knot is in a string
  • Like in wires and threads
  • When you have a Knot that is jumbled up
  • You do not know where it begins and where it ends
  • It is unclear and confusion
  • Untie the knot of my tongue means to give clarity in speech
  • To not get nervous when speaking with people
  • A clear beginning, middle, and end
  • To remain calm and not get angry or frustrated